This is a 1/700 scale resin kit produced by Combrig from Russia, this manufacturer also produces the three other variants of this class, the Russian prototype `Delfin`,the Yugoslav `Beograd` and the Algerian `Rais Corso`, these are the only models of this class produced in any scale. For some strange reason the manufacturer has not spelt the ship name correctly on the box cover or instruction sheet. The kit is very well cast, which is the hallmark of Combrig since they have come of age, the parts are somewhat rudimentary and it is up to the modeler to improve on their detailing. There are some inaccuracies in the casting, primarily the AK-230 pedestals which are out of position by 2mm,the funnel is slightly narrower than the real thing, and the sponson which runs three quarters the length of the hull was omitted ,this had to be added later. The depth charge chutes also need to be cut into the stern. 

AlHani2bm.jpg (76304 bytes) AlHani4bm.jpg (87614 bytes) AlHani5bm.jpg (96918 bytes) AlHani6bm.jpg (99129 bytes)

Unfortunately no photo-etch or decals came with the kit, this was a major problem which required the scratch building and fabrication of all the lattice masting and radars. A great amount of scratch building went into this kit, the Popgroup fire control was a nightmare to build, as was the `Strut Curve` & `Plank Shave` radars. Photo-etch was used from GMM, WEM, Lionroar and Toms Modelworks frets. The decals were produced on an Alps MD-5000 printer, including the ship name plates, pennant numbers and small hand wheels, some of which can be seen on the torpedo tube rear hatches. The original torpedo tubes were completely discarded due to very poor casting, and tubes from a 1/700 Pitroad Russian ship sprue (E-8) had to be separated and modified to fit in their place, the construction/detailing of which was extremely demanding. Hypodermic 30 gauge needle off-cuts and10 thou wire are used to make the 76.2mm main guns. I do intend or attempt to rig later, but I feel the caged antenna will be a challenge.

The instructions are somewhat poor unfortunately, with the exception of the GA layout, and all in Russian, much research was required to produce an accurate build, this difficulty was compounded with the fact that not very much in the way of photo material is available on the Al Hani, in fact it has the scarcest picture ref. of any ship I have ever looked for, there is a bit more available of Al Ghardabia which was invaluable reference for this build. The GA drawing on the instruction sheet is not totally accurate, with the omission of life raft canisters amidships. Model stats, OH Length……137mm, Height max……33mm, Beam…………..21.5mm The main colours, Humbrol enamel 129 & 140, (hull/superstructure) ,64 (deck) The final build is housed in a small custom made display case. My reference came from Jane's Fighting ships, and a few websites including the very good kit article in the Frigate section.

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In summing up, I have attempted to build this kit in the most detailed/to scale and accurate construction that my ability and available photo reference would allow, added to this is the unique esoteric value that the subject possesses.

Brett Morrow