Hereís a very attractive little kit from Combrig of an unusual subject, one of the first Soviet submarines. The best historical evaluation is the Steve Backer synopsis of this famous boat (click for review), and her sisters, but in short, she is a 920-ton, 83.5m long vessel carrying a crew of up to 55 men at 15 knots. She has 8 x 21" tubes, a 4" main gun, and a 37mm AA. The build is quick and easy although you will need to translate the instructions if you want to use the colour scheme. I have been told that the main colour is "anthracite" but this may be too dark for such small kit as it would be difficult to see any of the detail. I have compromised therefore to try and overcome this albeit that itís not the accurate scheme. Weathering should make up for shortcomings. The main decision is whether to use the full hull or waterline, and I decided to use the whole kit in an underwater scene. The only problem is the stand, and how to hide it. Probably a better way to do the photo shoot would be to suspend the sub from a strand of sprue, (perhaps next time). Again, and as with other smaller subjects, the photography is a challenge with the lens almost touching the side of the model but hopefully I have captured enough for your amusement. I needed a short break from the more intricate subjects, and a Combrig submarine is the perfect answer. I bought the kit from WEM at IPMS Telford.

Nar32pf.JPG (4800 bytes) Nar40pf.JPG (6761 bytes)
Nar41pf.JPG (7128 bytes) Nar43pf.JPG (8940 bytes) Nar33pf.JPG (6116 bytes)

Peter Fulgoney