This is the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Erin, built by Kostas Katseas. The Erin was ordered from the Vickers Yard in 1911 by Turkey and Vickers designed a ship that packed quite a punch in a small size. First named Reshad V and then Reshadieh, the battleship was completed in July 1914 and was in trials in August 1914. The Turkish crew was already in Great Britain to take possession when Winston Churchill ordered her seizure by armed boarding parties. Turkey was outraged and her seizure, as well as the seizure of HMS Agincourt, were significant factors in Turkey entering the war as ally to Germany. Equivalent to the Iron Duke Class, the Erin actually carries a heavier secondary armament than the Iron Duke with the same ten 13.5-inch/45 main guns but with sixteen instead of twelve 6-inch secondary guns. The armor thickness matched but the Erin was 64 feet shorter, 1 foot beamier and displaced 2,000-tons less than Iron Duke. The Erin was definitely more cramped but Q turret was one deck higher and therefore dryer and with better visibility than that of Iron Duke. All and all Erin was a tribute to what could be accomplished by a British private yard in the design of a powerful, yet highly efficient battleship design.

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