Combrig is getting better and better with these WW1 subjects with HMS Tiger being the best to date also because White Ensign Models produced the dedicated photo-etch to go with it. Again, I have used WEM photo-etch for this subject although a very good quality PE fret is included with the kit. This has been the most complicated Combrig kit that Iíve attempted so far because of the number of parts. The deck detail seems to go on forever, and itís difficult to place the first time. The torpedo net booms are interesting in as much as they form a template for what you might do in brass rod, which is a good subject for Peter Hall, if heís not doing it already. Looking at the subject photo, this is the earlier fit according to the R.A. Burt British Battleships of WW1 reference book. I couldnít have known this if I didnít have the book, which I borrowed from the library, and my build would have been inaccurate. I didnít want to do another torpedo net ship but the kit depicts HMS Erin just after commission, and just before she is adjusted for Royal Navy use, you may say that the ship is Reshadieh, bound for the Turkish Navy. Built by Vickers, a British firm, she was requisitioned by Winston Churchill at the outbreak of WW1 to the utter disappointment of the Turks. This version includes torpedo nets and booms.

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The build of the bridge was complex seeing as I had photos of the builderís model off the net. Itís difficult to become confused with this reference but it does let you know what the challenge is in terms of ladders and stairs not included in the Combrig photo-etch fret. Finally, after some advice on how to do rigging, Iíve gone for an all stretched sprue attempt although Iíve stopped short of spreaders. I can visualize a Peter Hall fret with all this detail. Also can he come up with some new figures as the usual assortment is getting so familiar, Iím tempted to give them all names!

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Peter Fulgoney