Ladies and Gentlemen, here is one of the newest releases from Combrig, the Spanish battleship, Espana. Laid down on December 6, 1909 at Ferrol Spain, the Espana was the first of three all big gun battleships built to this design. This design marks the smallest Dreadnought type battleship to be built. This was due in part to the need for the ships to conform to the limited space of the existing Spanish dockyards and the limited finances of the government. Although armed with eight 12-inch/50 guns of Vickers production, the armor was only eight-inches at the thickest point.

The Combrig kit is excellent, as you can see from the following photographs. The hull casting is packed with detail. The kit comes with a brass photo-etch fret, although the modeler will have to supply railing. Torpedo net booms and barrels for the four-inch secondary guns will have to be fabricated out of rod. This is a photographic preview of the Espana. A full review of the Combrig kit of Jaime I, sistership of Espana, will be forthcoming.

Profile, Plan & Quarter Views
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Hull Detail
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Armament & Superstructure
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Brass Photo-Etch
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