Here are photos of the Combrig 1:700 scale Henri IV I built. As with most of my ship models, I got it from Pacific Front Hobbies. Although it may be hard to tell from my photos, I painted the upper decks to represent wooden decks, and painted the lower decks gray, as they were metal. Also- I made the mainmast slightly different than the plan drawings, as photos show two yardarms rather than only one. This has to be the most detailed kit that Combrig released to date. The resin castings are petite and very crisp, and they even include two range clocks printed on clear acetate. I only added photo-etch railings and stretched sprue rigging to make the kit complete. It seems like French Month, as the Bouvet and Redoubtable were recently added to the Battleship section of the webpage. I love the oddball subjects, and hope Combrig continues to add more in the future.

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Bob Cicconi