This is one of the three España class dreadnought battleships. These ships were remarkable in naval history as the smallest dreadnought battleships ever built. Two of them were still in service to take part in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39, one on each side. Neither survived the war. Jaime I remained loyal to the Spanish republican government. She did not play a very significant role in the war a part from shore bombardment and was lost to an internal explosion in 1937. The kit has a pretty unsolvable mistake. There are 18 secondary gun casemates instead of 20. Scratch-building the missing ones would not solve the problem as the others would have to be relocated. The instructions have also a minor error, as the order of the forward bridge platforms is wrong. The platform with the conning tower must be the lower instead of the upper one. I represented Jaime I at anchor, as she appeared during the Civil War with the following modifications. I added two extra AA guns, relocated the existing ones and removed the saluting guns. I reshaped the forward bridge and both masts. I added a 1mm. thick plastic card to the bottom to represent the usual lower displacement when at anchor. I added Edwards' painted 1/700 figures, White Ensign Models 1/700 scale three-bar railings and ladders and boats from my spares box.

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The major sources I used were photographs, drawings and textual information in:

-Aguilera, A. & Elias, V. (1972): Buques de Guerra Españoles (1885-1971).

-García Flórez, D. (2002): Acorazados y cruceros. Buques de la Guerra Civil Española.

-Infiesta Pérez, J. L. (2001): Los Dreadnought españoles. España, Alfonso XIII y Jaime I.

-Jordan, J. (1986): Guía ilustrada de los acorazados y cruceros de batalla.


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Germà Coenders
Girona, Spain