Peter Fulgoney has built the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of the Soviet Icebreaker Krasin to depict her on July 11, 1928. She was already famous for coming to the rescue of ships of many nations, however, the greatest world fame came from the rescue of a crew of an airship.

In May 1928 the airship Italia was sent from Mussolini's Italy with the mission to reach the North Pole. Led by General Umberto Nobile, the airship crashed and broke in two on May 25, 1928. Nine crewmen, lucky enough to be in the gondola, were stranded on the ice, although a 10th man died in the crash, while the other five crewmen still inside the gasbag portion of the airship floated away on the wind, never to be seen again. There were nine survivors, including Nobile. That day the survivors start to transmitting for rescue on a radio set with a 425 mile range. "SOS Italia. Nobile on the ice near Foyn Island, northeast Spitzbergen , latitude 80:37, longitude 26:50. Impossible to move, lacking sledges and having two men injured. Dirigible lost in another locality. Reply via IDO 32. SOS." A two weeks passed until the radio transmissions of the survivors were received by a Russian ham radio operator, located in Archangel, Russia, 1,200 miles away. Another three weeks passed before Nobile was flown out in a small plane. Seven survivors, one of the nine had died, were rescued by the Krasin on July 11, 1928 after 48 days on the ice. A few days later the ice at the crash site breaks up. This entire episode was made into the movie The Red Tent. Krasin reached 82 degrees north latitude. 

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