These are photos of my latest build, the USS Maine as she appeared shortly before her loss in Cuba, which precipitated the Spanish-American War. I thought it appropriate to "Remember the Maine" on Memorial Day. The kit is the very nice Combrig 1/700 scale Maine pretty much out of the box, with the exception of the masts which are brass, and the addition of Gold Medal Model's Gold Ultra railing set. The kit and photo-etch were purchased from Pacific Front Hobbies, as were the 7X and 9X Dai Riki fishing line used to rig the ship, which was a departure from the usual stretched sprue. The ratlines were Atlantic Models photo-etch that I got from White Ensign Models. I used Floquil Reefer White, Depot Buff, and Testors US Army/Marine Sand to paint the ship. I'd also like to thank Al Ross who steered me in the right direction after I almost made a couple mistakes, and who sent me the link to photos of his large scale Maine which also helped to guide me.

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Bob Cicconi