The Novik, Cruiser 2nd Rank was completed in 1901 and assigned to the First Pacific Squadron at Port Arthur. Making 25.6 knots at trials the Novik was extraordinarily fast for her time, when the typical cruiser had a speed of 20-21 knots. During the Russo-Japanese War she often served as an emergency response for the Russian destroyer squadrons operating outside Port Arthur. During the Battle of the Yellow Sea in August 1904, Novik was one of the cruisers that broke out from the blockade. She made it to the German Asiatic port of Kiao-Chau, along with the battleship, Tsarevitch. Other cruisers safely reached other neutral ports.

Unlike every other warship that reached safe neutral ports, the captain of Novik did not wish to ride out the war interned in safety. Instead, Novik chose to reach Vladivostok to join the cruiser squadron based there. She didn't make it. At Korsa Kovsk in the Sakhalin Islands, Novik was discovered and sunk by the Japanese cruiser Tsushima. She was later raised and incorporated into the Imperial Japanese Navy under the name of Suzuya and served until 1913 when she was scraped.

Combrig is releasing this 1:350 scale model of this sleek cruiser. With separate lower and upper hulls, the model is capable of being built full-hull or waterline. As of November 2002 the only parts left to be prepared were the instructions, box art and the Novik-specific photo-etch, as the railings fret is the same as used with the Askold.

Novik6761hullhalves.JPG (106599 bytes) Novik6757spro.JPG (46224 bytes) Novik6759lowerhull.JPG (44764 bytes) Novik6760lowerhull.JPG (36831 bytes)
Novik6758plan.JPG (48315 bytes) Novik6787aftplan.JPG (73338 bytes) Novik6786midplan.JPG (69827 bytes) Novik6785bowplan.JPG (60729 bytes)
Novik7032pro.JPG (50500 bytes) Novik7031sternpro.JPG (77166 bytes) Novik7030midpro.JPG (62045 bytes) Novik7029bowpro.JPG (75935 bytes)
Novik7163proP.JPG (46341 bytes) Novik7165aftproP.JPG (51257 bytes) Novik7166midproP.JPG (46988 bytes) Novik7164bowproP.JPG (56599 bytes)


Superstructure & Running Gear
Novik6805deckhouses.JPG (85783 bytes) Novik6806deckhouse.JPG (89872 bytes) Novik6807deckhouse.JPG (87515 bytes) Novik6808deckhouse.JPG (92667 bytes)
Novik7056plat.JPG (77349 bytes) Novik7057plat.JPG (122906 bytes) Novik6798plat.JPG (77745 bytes)
Novik6795stacks.JPG (91883 bytes) Novik6796stacks.JPG (80583 bytes) Novik6813props.JPG (147988 bytes) Novik6814props.JPG (154744 bytes)


Novik6801arm.JPG (98525 bytes) Novik6803mainguns.JPG (120346 bytes) Novik6804mainshields.JPG (103436 bytes)
Novik6802QF.JPG (144320 bytes) Novik6799mounts.JPG (80892 bytes) Novik6800mounts.JPG (121755 bytes)


Mast & Fittings
Novik6815fittings.JPG (174853 bytes) Novik6816fittings.JPG (147980 bytes) Novik6820davitsA.JPG (144816 bytes) Novik6821racks.JPG (113293 bytes)
Novik6809mast.JPG (118074 bytes) Novik6810top.JPG (76742 bytes) Novik6812plat.gif (356452 bytes)
Novik6817cowlings.JPG (135199 bytes) Novik6818cowlings.JPG (133210 bytes) Novik6819cowlings.JPG (136441 bytes) Novik6822pipes.JPG (150334 bytes)


Boats & Photo-Etched Railing
Novik6789boats.JPG (90661 bytes) Novik6792boats.JPG (156158 bytes) Novik6790mlaunch.JPG (86270 bytes) Novik6791sslaunch.JPG (79204 bytes)
Novik7052slaunches.JPG (107530 bytes) Novik7053boats.JPG (111345 bytes) Novik6793PErailing.JPG (197224 bytes) Novik7093PErailingsDet.JPG (222442 bytes)