The first ship to be sunk at the battle of Tsushima was the Russian battleship Oslyabya on 27th May 1904, and was the first capital ship to be sunk by gunfire alone. As part of the second Pacific squadron she was sent to the Far East , the flagship of Rear-Admiral Baron Folkersahm, who died on the voyage but went down with the ship. She was a Peresviet class ship with the other sister Pobieda and was laid down in January 1898, and commissioned in January 1902.

Displacement : 13,500 tons; Dimensions : Length : 132.4m. Beam : 21.8m. ; Draught : 8m. ; Speed : 18.33 knots. ; Range : 5,600 nm. ; Compliment : 778. ; Armament : 2 x 254mm main guns. , 11 x 152mm. , 20 x 75mm.

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  The kit is the Combrig 1:700 scale resin version of the ill fated ship, and it has a very pleasing look to it with its tumblehome sides small bridge, and three funnels, the essential pre-dreadnought design. As with most builds, I have to thank our friend Jim Bauman for providing invaluable information to take this build to its conclusion. I had always wanted to compose a white ship in a sea of ice, and again Jim provided pictures to help achieve this. The tug boat shown is the Combrig Ioan Kronstadtsky which is part of the British harbour set comprise. With all the snow recently, it was a good chance to enhance the presentation with some real ice water.

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Peter Fulgoney
United Kingdom