Combrig Model Warships
is the largest producer of models of Russian warships in the world. The list of models produced by the company, spans the entire history of the Russian steel navy. Ship models cover 125 years of Russian warship designs, from the ironclad Petr Veliki (Peter the Great) of 1877 of the Imperial Russian Navy to the nuclear powered rocket cruiser (RKR) Petr Veliki of the modern Russian Navy. The unique warship designs of all eras of the Russian Navy from the Tsar's warships of the Russo-Japanese War, through the warships of the Soviet Navy, to the sleek designs of today's Russian Navy are modeled by Combrig. In 2003 Combrig started to produce warship designs from navies other than Russian. Initial models include a wide variety of subjects from a predreadnought battleship of the Royal Navy to a modern frigate from the navy of India. The company name Combrig comes from the rank of Commander of Brigade from the Red Army of 1930-1940. The logo reflects collar tab and star found on the uniform of a Commander of a Brigade of that period. This page will be updated with new products and photos of existing products on a frequent basis. Combrig models are made of resin, not styrene plastic, and are for the relatively experienced modeler.
Combrig Warship Dealers
Combrig warship models are not available directly from Combrig. Please contact one of the following fine companies that carry the Combrig warship model line. If you have a problem with your Combrig kit, please contact the dealer from whom it was purchased and the company will be notified of the problem through that dealer.

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Combrig Warships, 1:350 Scale
Updated 22 July 2011

Kit # Description
3501 Retvizan, American Built, Imperial Russian Battleship, 1904, with Photo-Etch, Click for Review. 

KomBrig350RetvizanboxA.jpg (84960 bytes)
Photographs of completed model
3502  Askold, Five Stack Protected Cruiser, 1904, with Photo-Etch Click for Photographic Preview.

3503  Novik, Protected Cruiser 2nd Rank, 1902,  Click for Photographic Preview.

3504 Boyarin, Protected Cruiser 2nd Rank,  
3505 Nisshin, Japanese Armored Cruiser, 1904- Garibaldi Class, Click for Photographic Preview. 

3506 Kasuga, Japanese Armored Cruiser- Garibaldi Class
3509WL Danton 1911 French Post-Dreadnought Pre-Dreadnought Mixed Gun Battleship, Combrig 1:350 Scale - The last French mixed gun battleship design, the Danton, is one of the most glorious. It has everything that any admirer of fierce face gaulic designs fancies, tumblehome, five top hat funnels, eight oval pill box turrets. Now Combrig has provided a resin and brass kit in regal 1:350 scale of the Danton that provides all of the parts for this large battleship.

3514 HMVS Cerberus Breastwork Monitor, Combrig 1:350 Scale - The Combrig 1:350 scale HMVS Cerberus is an absolute gem with outstanding resin castings throughout. Cast in waterline format, when finished the modeler will have the only example of a breast-work monitor commercially available. The only disappointing factor of the lack of a brass photo-etched fret is mitigated by the fact that almost all brass parts are generic such as inclined ladders and railing. 

HMVS Cerberus, Australian Monitor, Combrig 1:350 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - Monitor Maven, Felix Bustelo, having built quantities of USN monitors, ventured further afield. Afflicted with monitor madness, Felix had a go with Her Majesty's Victoria Ship Cerberus in 1:350 scale from Combrig

3520WL HMS Kent, County Class Armored Cruiser, Combrig 1:350 Scale - From 1898 to 1905 the Royal Navy designed seven classes of armored cruisers. In less than a decade, in this period of armored cruiser mania, there were 35 British armored cruisers built. Ten of these were of the trade protection County Class. HMS Kent was one of these. With the Combrig 1:350 scale Kent , any modeler can build a resin and brass version of one of the victors of the Falklands

3524FH Hoche 1891 French Pre-Dreadnought, The Grand Hotel, Combrig 1:350 Scale - Summer is here and it is time to go on vacation and check into the Grand Hotel in the form of Combrig’s 1:350 scale Hoche. Only with Combrig can you build this Disney version of a battleship with her towering superstructure, amidship castles, severe tumblehome, and heavy large structures hanging above each major gun position. With a plethora of resin and ship specific parts Combrig provides all of the cake and frosting for this concoction but the instructions are wanting. 

3530 Gremyashchiy, Soviet Project 7 Destroyer 1936, Combrig 1:350 Scale - Project 7 was the first new destroyer design of the Soviet Union . Called the Gnevnyi Class in the west, this design was completely modern and large and provided the back bone of the Soviet destroyer force in World War Two, suffering high losses in the Baltic and Black Seas . Combrig/Box 261 had provided their first 1:350 scale kit of a World War Two subject with their Northern Fleet Project 7 Gremyashchiy. The kit can be built full hull or waterline and contains not only finely detailed and crisp resin part but a huge relief–etched brass fret. 



Combrig Warships, 1:700 Scale
Updated 17 August 2011
Kit # Description
70001 Petr Veliki, Armor-Clad, 
PetrV2311box.JPG (88827 bytes) PetrV2312plan.JPG (65471 bytes) PetrV2313pro.JPG (40122 bytes) PetrV2316small.JPG (91988 bytes)
70002  Yermak - 1898 Russian Icebreaker 8,000 ton displacement (Click on Photograph for Preview)

70003  Khrabry, Gunboat 1897 Now Available

Khrabry, Built by Bob Cicconi - Here are photographs of the Khrabry with photo-etch added by Bob Cicconi. 

70004   Gangut, Imperial Russian Battleship 1894, Combrig 1:700 Scale - This installment by Combrig of the battleships of the Imperial Russian Navy in 1:700 scale, presents a highly unusual subject with a very short history. Designed to fight the ships of the Imperial German Navy, the only opponents that Gangut faced and which ultimately vanquished her were uncharted rocks in the Baltic Sea. 

Gangut, Imperial Russian Battleship 1894, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Andrey Zhukov - Andrey Zhukov built the Russian Imperial Navy Barbette Battleship "Gangut", 1894 by Combrig in 1:700 scale. This ship has a short biography - Commissioned in 1894 and sunk two years later after striking an unmarked underwater rock. After 6 hours or struggle, the ship was lost and still remains in a depth of 29 meters in the Baltic Sea. There were no casualties. 

70079 USS Chester CL-1 1908, Scout Cruiser
70080  USS Vesuvius, Pneumatic Dynamite Gun Cruiser 1890 - Combrig has produced this marvel of naval technology of 1890 in 1:700 scale with their release of USS Vesuvius.

USS Vesuvius, Pneumatic Dynamite Gun Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - Popularly known as the Dynamite gun cruiser, the USS Vesuvius was unique in having three 15-inch pneumatic guns installed fixed fore and aft that fired a shell at a fixed elevation of 18 degrees. This is an excellent little Combrig kit, built by Peter Fulgoney almost out of the box.

70081 USS Boston 1887, Proteted Cruiser
70082 USS Atlanta 1886, Protected Cruiser, First of the New Steel Navy, Combrig 1:700 Scale - So what if the USS Atlanta protected cruiser rode the pine at the New York Navy Yard for the big one of 1898, while sister ship USS Boston snagged the glory at the Battle of Manila Bay. You don't have to feel like a Times Square Commando when you get the Combrig 1:700 scale USS Atlanta. Snag one of these babies and you'll be ready to send in the Marines at any of those pesky Central American, South American or Caribbean states that dare to threaten US interests and critical banana supply. 

70089 USS Birmingham CL-2 1908, Scout Cruiser
70090  British Harbor Set 1890-1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has produced a unique set centered around the tug Ioann Kronshtadsky. As if this historic vessel was not enough because of its small size, Combrig has included 52 launches, boats and rafts to further enhance the appeal of this product for the modeler. 

70091 USS Dunderberg, Union Casemate Ironclad 1867, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Combrig  1:700 scale Dunderberg is a replica of the largest ironclad produced during the American Civil War. An additional attraction is that if you wish to attack Kolberg, you can model the French Rochambeau. The model is easy to build but offers a platform for layers of extra detail. Now Available

Rochambeau, French Ironclad 1870, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - Originally built as the USS Dunderberg for the United States Navy, the American Civil War was over by the time this ship was launched. She was sold to France in 1867 and became Rochambeau. Peter Fulgoney built the kit from Combrig in 1:700 scale as she appeared under the French flag. 

70092  HMS Renown, British 2nd Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale -  The Combrig 1:700 scale Renown offers great opportunities to the Royal Navy modeler as well as being of interest to the naval historian. Just the color scheme options offer a wide variety of choices. Just think of a white battleship, with buff funnels, red striping and a green waterline flying the Royal colors. Who wouldn’t want to model a battleship in that gaudy livery? 

HMS Renown, Battleship-Yacht 1905, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - These are photos of the Combrig 1/700 scale HMS Renown that Bob Cicconi just completed. He chose to build it circa 1905-1906 when it was used by the royal party to make a tour of the world. 

70093  USS Chicago, Protected Cruiser 1898 - The most powerful ship in the USN when she was commissioned, the USS Chicago was the "C" in the ABCD of the first four warships for the new American Steel Navy. This model is of Chicago after her 1895 to 1898 refit. Now Available

USS Chicago, Protected Cruiser 1895, Combrig 1:700 Scale,Built by Bob Cicconi - The kit of the Combrig 1:700 scale USS Chicago is well cast, but the instructions are sketchy in places, particularly regarding the various vent styles and placement, and the mast construction. Built by Bob Cicconi

70094  USS Baltimore, Protected Cruiser 1890 - One of the 2nd generation cruisers of the new Steel Navy as the USN was called emerging from the long period of post Civil War decay, the USS Baltimore was one of the ships with Dewey at the Battle of Manila. Now Available

USS Baltimore, Built by Bob Cicconi - This is the USS Baltimore kit built by Bob Cicconi with photo-eth and rigging added.

70095  USS Olympia, Dewey's Flagship at The Battle of Manila Bay, Protected Cruiser 1898 - Still preserved at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the USS Olympia was Commodore Dewey's flagship at the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898. She was the last and best of the protected cruisers built for the USN. with Photo-Etch Now Available

USS Olympia, Protected Cruiser 1898 at Manila Bay, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - Peter Fulgoney seen USS Olympia on the site before but thought it would be a challenge to try and imagine what she would look like going off to the Manila Bay battle. Peter built the Combrig 1:700 scale USS Olympia and even put Commodore Dewey in the tower above the conning tower. 

70096 HMVS Cerberus, Breastwork Monitor 1870 - Breastwork monitor ordered by the crown colony of Victoria on the southeast coast of Australia. This historic design was in many ways the forerunner of the Royal Navy battleships at the start of the 20th century.
70097  Huascar 1866, Peruvian Ironclad Turret Ship, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has produced a 1:700 scale model of one of the first ironclads built with a turret designed by Captain Cowpers Coles. The Peruvian ironclad Huascar was for a time the most powerful warship in Latin America . Seized in battle by Chile in 1879, the ship is still in existence as a museum in honor of the navies of both Chile and Peru . Before starting construction, decide which fit that you wish to model. 

70098 USS Salem CL-3 1908, USN Scout Cruiser 
70099 USS Maine, American 2nd Class Battleship 1898, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Remember the Maine! With the Combrig USS Maine in 1:700 scale, you certainly will not forget. Top drawer in every regard. The Combrig Maine has a tremendous amount of detail cast integral to the hull and major component castings and an excellent brass ship-specific photo-etch fret. with Photo-Etch

USS Maine, 2nd Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - These are photos of the latest build by Bob Cicconi. The USS Maine is built as she appeared shortly before her loss in Cuba, which precipitated the Spanish-American War. Bob thought it appropriate to "Remember the Maine" on Memorial Day. The kit is the very nice Combrig 1/700 scale Maine pretty much out of the box, with the exception of the masts which are brass, and the addition of Gold Medal Model's Gold Ultra railing set.

70101 Poltava, 1904 Battleship
70102 Sevastopol, 1904 Battleship 
Sevastopol2298box.JPG (89182 bytes) Sevastopol2296plan.JPG (47470 bytes) Sevastopol2297pro.JPG (37796 bytes) Sevastopol2299small.JPG (113847 bytes)
70103 Petropavlovsk, 1904 Battleship,
70104 Kniaz Suvorov, 1905 Battleship
70105 Orel, 1905 Battleship
70106 Sokol, Destroyer
70107 Navarin, "The Factory", 1904 Battleship
70108 Sisoy Veliki, 1904 Battleship
70109 Retvizan, 1904 Battleship, Click for Review
70109RetvizanB.jpg (33117 bytes) Ret1715title.JPG (55012 bytes)
70110 Tsesarevich, 1904 Battleship, Click for Photographs 

Tsarevitch, Imperial Russian Battleship 1904, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Andrey Veslivy - Andrey Veslivy built the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of the Imperial Russian battleship, Tsarevitch, as she appeared in 1904 as part of the Russian Pacific Squadron, subsequently known as the First Pacific Squadron.

70111 Borodino, 1905 Battleship 
Borodino2308box.JPG (79204 bytes) Borodino2306plan.JPG (52837 bytes) Borodino2307.JPG (37431 bytes) Borodino2309small.JPG (83814 bytes)
70112 Bogatyr, Armored Cruiser,
70112BogatyrB.jpg (33304 bytes)
70113  Avrora, Armored Cruiser, (Click for photographic preview


Avrora1.jpg (41389 bytes) Avrora2.jpg (56911 bytes)
70114  Askold, Five Stack Protected Cruiser 
Askold1-11a.jpg (46752 bytes) Askold3-7vA.jpg (57566 bytes) Askold2-11A.jpg (72295 bytes)
70115 Svietlana, Cruiser, Click on Photographs

Svietlana-1-11.jpg (57320 bytes) Svietlana-2-8v.jpg (62541 bytes)
70116 Boyarin, Cruiser, 2nd Rank, Click for Review

70117 Rurik, Armored Cruiser, 1904
70117RurikB.jpg (45652 bytes)
70118 Rossiya, Armored Cruiser
70119 Gromboi, Armored Cruiser, Early Fit (kit #70219 has 1914 fit)
70120 Novik, Protected Cruiser, 1905
70120NovikB.jpg (33902 bytes)
70121 Oleg, Cruiser
70122 Ochakov, Cruiser
70123  Pallada, Armored Cruiser, Click on Photograph for Photographic Preview 

70124  Diana, Armored Cruiser, Click on Photograph for Photographic Preview

70125 Oslyabya, Battleship 1905, Click for Review
OslyabyaPer445TitleB[1].jpg (39565 bytes)

Oslyabya, Ice Locked in the Baltic, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Peter Fulgoney - No need to leave the warmth of your home to see to towering tumblehomed hull of the Imperial Russian battleship, Oslyabya. Peter Fulgoney has already done that for you with this diorama of the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of Oslabya in which the high freeboard of the battleship rises from the frozen Baltic like an iceberg. S

70126 Peresviet, Battleship 1904
70127 Pobieda, Battleship 1904
70128 Admiral Senyavin, Coast Defense Battleship, 1905
70129 Admiral Ushakov, Coast Defense Battleship, 1905
70130 General-Admiral Apraksin, Coast Defense Battleship, 1905
70131 Imperator Nikolai I, Battleship 1905, 
ImpNikolaiinstr554.JPG (52597 bytes) ImpNikolaihullpro552.JPG (22344 bytes) ImpNikolairesinplan550.JPG (40912 bytes) ImpNikolaismallparts553.JPG (76375 bytes)
70132 Admiral Nakhimoff, Armored Cruiser
70132NakhimovB.jpg (31211 bytes)
70133 Variag, Cruiser
70134 Bditelni, Destroyer, 1904, Port Arthur Squadron
70134Bditelni-A.jpg (69465 bytes)
70135 Vnimatelni, Destroyer
70136 Boevoi, Destroyer
70137 Lieutenant Burakov, ex-Taku, Destroyer, 1904, Port Arthur
70137LtBurakov52h.jpg (51016 bytes)
70138 Koreets, Gunboat Click on photograph for biography of the ship and photographs of the completed model.
70139 Zhemchug, Light Cruiser

Zhemchug, Imperial Russian Scout Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Tom Lindsay - This is Combrig's 1:700 scale Zhemchug kit, built in the spring of 2004 by Tom Lindsay. It is built out of the box except for opening up the aft compass platform structure.

70140 Izumrud, Light Cruiser
70141 Almaz, Cruiser 2nd Rank
Almaz4890box.JPG (122347 bytes) Almaz4873plan.JPG (71697 bytes) Almaz4878pro.JPG (47279 bytes) Almaz4866smallparts.JPG (99078 bytes)


70141Almaz2-2-52h.jpg (75553 bytes) 70141Almaz1-2-285v.jpg (63465 bytes)
70142 Bayan, Armored Cruiser, Click for components review. 

Bayan, Imperial Russian Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by David LaPell - This is Combrig's 1/700 scale cruiser Bayan. The ship is pretty much out of the box, and David LaPell added White Ensign Models railings and figures. He used paint brush bristles for rigging and painted aluminum foil for water coated with two coats of future floor wax. 

70143  Tri Sviatitelia, Black Sea Predreadnought, early rig 
TriSvia4893box.JPG (145646 bytes) TriSvia4896plan.JPG (69576 bytes) TriSvia4903pro.JPG (46274 bytes) TriSvia4910smallparts.JPG (138389 bytes)
70144  Georgi Pobedonosets, Battleship, (Click for a Photographic Preview)

Georgii Pobedonosets, Imperial Russian Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - This is the 1/700 scale Combrig Georgii Pobedonosets built by Bob Cicconi.  The ship was launched in 1895 as a modification of the Sinope class, and had a fairly uneventful career, save that it was involved in the Potemkin mutiny saga.

70145 Imperator Aleksandr II, Battleship, Half-Sister to Imperator Nikolai I (70131) Click for Review  

Imperator Alexander II, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Andrey Zhukov - This is the Combrig 1:700 scale Russian barbette Battleship Imperator Alexander II, built by Andrey Zhukov

70146  Vladimir Monomakh, Cruiser 1st Rank, Laid Down in 1880, the cruiser was at Tsushima. (Click on photographs for Reviews

Click for Build Review


VMonomakh-1-11.jpg (65797 bytes) VMonomakh-2-8v.jpg (44288 bytes)


Click for Unassembled Components Review
70147  Dmitri Donskoi, Cruiser 1st Rank, Laid Down in 1881, the cruiser was at Tsushima. (Click on photograph for Photographic Preview)  
DDonskoi-1-11.jpg (76708 bytes) DDonskoi-2-8v.jpg (78382 bytes)


70148  Imperator Aleksandr III 1904 - Borodino Class battleship (Click for Photographic Preview) Now Available

70149  Likhoi - 1906 Destroyer (LT Burakov II Type) (Click on photograph for Photographic Preview

70150  Tochnyi - 1907 Destroyer (Tverdyi Type) (Click on photograph for Photographic Preview

70151  Dvenadtsat Apostolov - Black Sea Predreadnought 1892 Now Available (Click for a Review

12 Apostolov, Built by Andrey Zhukov - Built in 1892 the 12 Apostolov (12 Apostles) never took part in any battles because she become obsolete really quickly. From a design point of view, this ship pioneered standards for all subsequent Russian pre-dreadnought battleships. She was a huge improvement in comparison with the Baltic Fleet's Alexander II and Gangut

70152  Panteleimon - This famous Black Sea battleship was earlier named Kniaz Potemkin Tavricheskii and changed names after the mutiny. Now Available (Click for Photographic Review)

70153  Rostislav - Battleship, 2nd Class 1899 This small battleship became a shore bombardment specialist in World War One in one of the first strategic/economic shore bombardment campaigns ever devised. Now Available (Click for Review

70196 Brandenburg 1893, German Battleship
70197 KurfurstFriedrich Wilhelm 1894, German Battleship
70198 Weissenburg 1894, German Battleship

SMS Weissenburg, German Predreadnought, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - This is the Combrig 1/700 scale SMS Weissenburg built by Bob Cicconi. It's a really nice kit, but for some reason there are no instructions whatsoever regarding the boat stowage racks, the photo-etched aft superstructure support, and several other items on the photo-etch fret. 

70199  Henri IV 1903, French 2nd Class Predreadnought Battleship. Introduced superfiring gun.

Henri IV, French Battleship, Built by Bob Cicconi

70201 Gangut, 1914 Baltic Sea Dreadnought
70202 Tral, Minesweeper; Storm, Sloop; MO-4, Hunting Craft; & OD-200, Hunting Craft; (Four ships in one box.)
70203 Sibirskiy Strelok, Destroyer
70204 Kirov, Project 26, WWII Light Cruiser
70205  Molotov, Project 26bis, WWII Light Cruiser, 
70206 Type S Submarine 
TypeS4917box.JPG (178373 bytes) TypeS4924wl.JPG (63973 bytes) TypeS4923fullhull.JPG (66838 bytes) TypeS4926allparts.JPG (90316 bytes)
70207  Type M Series XII Soviet Coastal Submarine 1939 - The most numerous class of Soviet submarines in World War II. (Click on Photograph for Preview)

70208 Profintern, Light Cruiser, Coming 
70209 Petropavlovsk, 1914 Baltic Sea Dreadnought
70210 Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia, Dreadnought Battleship 1934, Coming 
70211 Parizhskaya Communa, Dreadnought Battleship 
Paris2301box.JPG (65604 bytes) Paris2302plan.JPG (37481 bytes) Paris2303pro.JPG (31629 bytes) Paris2304small.JPG (92880 bytes)
70212 Soobrazitelni, Destroyer, Pr. 7U, 1943
70212Soobrazit1-2-52h.jpg (98599 bytes) 70212Soobrazit2-2-52h.jpg (60566 bytes)
70213 Rurik, 1909 Armored Cruiser
70214 Tashkent, Destroyer Leader 
Tashkent1.jpg (97187 bytes) Tashkent2.jpg (110592 bytes)
70215  Novik, Destroyer, Fastest Warship in the World at the start of World War One,  (Click for Review)
Novik4927box.JPG (138251 bytes) Novik4930plan.JPG (64146 bytes) Novik4935pro.JPG (45026 bytes) Novik4943smallparts.JPG (102555 bytes)
70216 Imperatritza Maria, Black Sea Dreadnought, with Photo-Etch, (Click for Photographic Preview)

70217  Imperatritza Ekaterina Velikaya, Black Sea Dreadnought, with Photo-Etch, (Click for Photographic Preview

70218  Imperator Aleksandr III, Black Sea Dreadnought, with Photo-Etch, (Click for Photographic Preview

Volya 1918, Ex-Imperator Aleksandr III, Built by Peter Fulgoney -

70219 Gromoboi, , Cruiser 1914 fit, (early fit is kit 70119)
70220 Andrei Pervozvannyi, Battleship, with Photo-Etch (Click for Review)

Andrei Pervozvanny, Imperial Russian Predreadnought, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Building a Battleship by Jim Baumann - In another Baumann Special, Jim painstakingly discusses his build of the 1:700 scale Combrig model of the Andrei Pervozvanny, last class of Imperial Russian predreadnought battleship.  

Pervozvanny3195box.JPG (66335 bytes) Pervozvanny3197plan.JPG (50087 bytes) Pervozvanny3198profile.JPG (38064 bytes) Pervozvanny3196PE.JPG (87183 bytes)
70221 Imperator Pavel I, Battleship, with Photo-Etch
70222 Vyborg, Coast Defense Ship
70223 Marti - Minelayer 1941 The last Russian Imperial Yacht was the Shtandart. In the 1930s she was converted into a 6,000 ton minelayer. Laid down for Tsar Aleksandr III, the warship was not broken up until 1961. 


70224  Bayan II, World War One Armored Cruiser with Enhanced Deck Armament
BayanII4808box.JPG (124373 bytes) BayanII4809plan.JPG (60371 bytes) BayanII4820pro.JPG (45170 bytes) BayanII4824smallparts.JPG (74603 bytes)
70225  Pallada II, World War One Armored Cruiser (Click for In-Box Review)


PalladaII4852box.JPG (145567 bytes) PalladaII4837plan.JPG (61287 bytes) PalladaII4841pro.JPG (83042 bytes) PalladaII4855smallparts.JPG (129831 bytes)
70226  Slava - The fifth ship of the ill fated Borodino Class. The battleship fought heroically against two German dreadnoughts at Moon Sound in October 1917. The model depicts the Slava in her 1917 World War One fit. Click for photographic preview.

70227  Type D Submarine, Series I (D-2) - The very first Soviet submarine design was the Dekabrist, later D-Class medium size submarines. (Click for a Photographic Preview of the D-2)  

Narodovolets D-2, Soviet Submarine 1929, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney Peter Fulgoney built the Combrig 1:700 scale D Class Soviet submarine Narodovolets D-2 in the full hull version. The model is photographed to represent the submarine under water.

70228  Type L Submarine, Series II (L-3) - The second medium size submarine design of the Soviet Navy. (Click for a Photographic Preview of the L-3

70229  Type K Submarine, Series XIV (K-21) -  The best Soviet submarine design of World War Two was the K Class. These very large submarine cruisers were designed for Arctic operations with the Northern Fleet. (Click for Photographic Preview of K-21

70230  Kerch, Gajibey Class Destroyer - 1917 As part of the 1914 Naval Program 8 large destroyers were ordered for the Black Sea Fleet. Kerch was one of the first four that were to serve under the flag of the Tsar and the Bolsheviks. (Click for Photographic Preview of Kerch, World War One Destroyer

70231 Kerch, Soviet Light Cruiser (Ex-Duca D'Aosta) Now Available 
70232  Azard, Orphey Class Destroyer- 1916 (Click for Review

70233 Valerian Kuibyshev, Gavriil Class Destroyer - 1944 Now Available
70234  Kars, Gunboat 1910 - (Click for Review)

70235  Lenin, Caspian Sea Gunboat 1942 - This model depicts the Lenin after it had received a major refit in 1940 and made the gunboat a significant anti-aircraft platform.  

70237  Krasin, Soviet Icebreaker 1922 - Probably the most famous icebreaker in history. Most famous for saving the crew of the airship, Italia on July 11, 1928. Krasin is still in existence as a museum ship in Saint Petersburg. 

Krasin to the Rescue, Soviet Icebreaker July 11, 1928, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Peter Fulgoney has built the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of the Soviet Icebreaker Krasin to depict her on July 11, 1928. She was already famous for coming to the rescue of ships of many nations, however, the greatest world fame came from the rescue of a crew of an airship. 

70238  Communication Cutter Project 357, Soviet Union 1953, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The eighteen communication cutters of Project 357 were designed to provide extended communication range to transmit orders to units of the Soviet fleet. Combrig is always bringing new and exotic topics to the 1:700 scale modeler and the Project 357 communication vessel surely ranks as an exotic topic. 

70239 Evstafiy 1911, Russian Black Sea Battleship
70240 Ioann Zlatoust 1911, Russian Black Sea Battleship
70241  SMS Konig, Konig Class German Battleship 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - Build the best of the pre-World War One German battleships with the 1:700 scale Combrig SMS Konig. In the 1914 fit you get the original light pole mast version, complete with net shelves and booms and also an enlarged forward superstructure because she was built as squadron flagship. 

70242  SMS Grosser Kurfurst
70243 HMS Kent, County Class Armored Cruiser 1903, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Time to revenge the Monmouth. With the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Kent, you’ll have the most effective of the 35 armored cruisers to fly the White Ensign. This small County class armored cruiser sank two German light cruisers in distant waters and justified the County class design concept as commerce protectors. 

HMS Kent, Royal Navy Armored Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - Peter Fulgoney has valiantly stepped into the breach and rendered sterling service to all modelers with his build of the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Kent, with a kite balloon no less. 

70244 HMS Monmouth, County Class Armored Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Join the Cult of the Armored Cruiser! There is no need for passwords, secret handshakes or decoder rings. Nor do you need to recite passages from Whispers From the Fleet. With the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Monmouth you will get an excellent model of one of Kit Cradock’s doomed squadron. 

70245  HMS Cumberland, County Class Armored Cruiser 1904, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - The first of the 1:700 scale Royal Navy armored cruisers have now been released by Combrig. The photographs of the Cumberland in this article, show the components found in the kit. This article is basically a pictorial review/preview of the kit. The hull is surprisingly large with a goodly quantity of excellent resin fittings and equipment.  

HMS Cumberland, County Class Armored Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Frank O'Neill - Here are some pictures of the HMS Cumberland built by Frank O'Neill. It's the Combrig 1/700 scale kit with Tom's Modelworks railings added. Masts are scratch-built from brass rod. The model was washed, weathered and dry-brushed in the usual manner


70249 HMS Invincible, British Battle Cruiser 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Outstanding! Combrig has captured the peculiarities of HMS Invincible. All of those architectural features that made Invincible unique from her sisterships are there. The model has casemate positions in the forward superstructure, different shaped turrets and a short forward funnel for the Battle of the Falklands fit. 

70250 HMS Inflexible, Fighting in Three Seas, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The 1:700 scale Combrig Inflexible kit is perfect for one of her three early operations, the Goeben chase in August 1914, the Battle of the Falklands in December 1914 or the naval assault on the Narrows in March 1915. Combrig has provided a great quantity of splendid resin and brass parts and this kit belongs in the collection of admirers of that most glamorous type of big gun ship, the battle cruiser. 

70251 HMS Indomitable, British Battle Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - This is another superb model from Combrig, which includes ship specific brass photo-etch. The Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Indomitable kit will allow the modeler to build a post 1910 Indomitable with lengthened forward funnel. Sign up now with your favorite retailer, as their first shipment of the Combrig Indomitable won't last long. 

70252  Jaime I, Spanish Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Germà Coenders - This is one of the three España class dreadnought battleships. These ships were remarkable in naval history as the smallest dreadnought battleships ever built. Two of them were still in service to take part in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39, one on each side. Neither survived the war. Jaime I remained loyal to the Spanish republican government. Germà Coenders built the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of Jaime I as she appeared in 1937. 

70253 SMS Blucher, German Armored Cruiser 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has done another admirable job in producing a 1:700 scale replica of the best of the armored cruisers. Although a World War One warship, this Blucher kit is not for the beginner. With its numerous searchlight platforms and raised boat skids, there are some delicate subassemblies found here. However, for everybody else the Combrig Blucher is recommended without reservation. 

70254 Espana, Spanish Battleship 1913, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Preview Combrig has just released kits for two Spanish battleships, Espana and Jaime I. This provides a photographic preview of the Espana. The three battleships of this class were the smallest dreadnought type battleships to be built. 

Espana, Spanish Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Frank O'Neill - Here are some photos of the Combrig 1:700 scale España just finished-hot off the workbench of Frank O'Neill. The railings are from Tom's Modelworks, the masts are scratch-built, as are the searchlight reflector lenses. 

70257  SMS Scharnhorst 

SMS Scharnhorst, Imperial German Armored Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Frank O'Neill - This is the Combrig 1:700 Scale Scharnhorst, built by Frank O'Neill. Railings are from Tom's Modelworks, canvas wind-dodgers are simulated with diluted white glue, boat davits and sternwalk are from White Ensign Models. 

70258  SMS Gneisenau, German Armored Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - If it is time to add Grosser Kreuzer to your High Seas Fleet, the Combrig 1:700 scale SMS Gneisenau will more than suffice. This highly detailed kit replicates one of the best armored cruisers produced by Imperial Germany, which in the short span of 36 days went from overwhelming victory to overwhelming defeat. 

70259  HMS Orion 1914, the First of the Super-Dreadnoughts - Designed only five years after HMS Dreadnought, the HMS Orion had almost twice the broadside weight of shell, thanks to the addition of the 13.5-inch/45 Mk V gun as the main armament. The model depicts the ship as built 1912-1914 with early compass platform, early tripod and net booms. with Photo-Etch Now Available (Click for Review)

HMS Orion 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Frank O'Neill - Here are some pictures of the HMS Orion built by Frank O'Neill. It's the Combrig 1/700 scale kit with Tom's Modelworks brass rails added. 

70260  HMS Monarch, Orion Class Battleship 1915 - with Photo-Etch Now Available
70261  HMS Conqueror, Orion Class Battleship 1916 - with Photo-Etch Now Available

HMS Conqueror, British Super-Dreadnought 1913, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi Bob Cicconi built the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Conqueror as she appeared in 1913 with two white bands on her after funnel and in overall medium gray. He modified the bridge and foremast structure to match photos of Conqueror

70262  HMS Thunderer, Orion Class Battleship 1915 - This model portrays Thunderer in the 1915 to early 1916 time period with fully extended navigation platform and enclosed 4-inch guns on shelter deck. with Photo-Etch Now Available (Click for a Review)

HMS Thunderer 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Hanchang Kuo - This is Hanchang Kuo's Combrig 1/700 scale HMS Thunderer finished in her 1914 fit. This is an excellent kit as is usual with Combrig. 

HMS Thunderer, Orion Class Battleship, Built by Peter Fulgoney - Peter Fulgoney built his Combrig HMS Thunderer to show her appearance at mid war. 

70263  HMS Erin 1915 - Ordered by Turkey as the Reshadieh, this battleship was designed and built by Vickers. The design proved to be a very elegant and efficient design, packing the power of the RN Iron Duke Class on far less displacement. Ordered seized by Winston Churchill on the eve of World War II, she served in the RN as HMS Erin. with Photo-Etch Now Available (Click for Review)

HMS Erin 1915, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - This is the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Erin, built by Kostas Katseas. The Erin was ordered from the Vickers Yard in 1911 by Turkey and Vickers designed a ship that packed quite a punch in a small size. 

HMS Erin, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Norbert Thiel - Here are some pictures showing results with Combrig´s 1:700 scale HMS Erin. Norbert Thiel have cast his own turrets, used NNT gun barrels and White Ensign Models Photo-Etch. 

HMS Erin 1914, Build of Kit by Peter Fulgoney - British modeler Peter Fulgoney built the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Erin to show the battleship as she was seized from the builders in August 1914. 

70264  HMS Agincourt, The Gin Palace, 1918 - Ordered by Brazil to overawe Argentina and Chile and then purchased by Turkey to fight the Greeks, this battleship was seized under orders of Winston Churchill on the eve of World War One and became HMS Agincourt. She mounted more main guns in more turrets and had a heavier secondary battery than any battleship ever built. Now Available (Click for Review

HMS Agincourt 1917, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas has done another magnificent job with his construction of the Combrig 1:700 scale model of HMS Agincourt. The fit reflects her appearance in late 1917. The original flying bridges and aft tripod have been removed but the Gin Palace still retains the tall amidship derrick. 

HMS Agincourt 1917, Combrig 1:700 Scale - This is the Combrig 1:700 scale resin kit of HMS Agincourt. Peter Fulgoney built this kit in conjunction with White Ensign Models HMS Tiger photo-etch set., MIG pigments for "rust", and "smoke", and invisible thread from a fabric shop for the rig. 

70265 HMS Duncan 1903, British "Fast" Predreadnought Battleship, Last RN battleship design to be worked up completely by Sir William White. Provided for in the Supplemental 1898 Program. Now Available (Click for Review

HMS Duncan, November 1905 - This is the HMS Duncan kit built by Bob Cicconi. 

70266 HMS Russell 1903 - Second of the four battleships of the Duncan Class to be ordered under the Supplemental 1898 Program. Along with Duncan, last battleships to wear Victorian livery. Now Available
70267 HMS Albemarle 1903 - One of two ships of the Duncan Class from the 1899 Program and equipped with stockless anchors. Now Available
70268 HMS Montagu 1904 - One of the two Duncan Class of the 1899 Program. Equipped with stockless anchors. Now Available
70269  HMS Queen 1904, British Predreadnought Battleship - Queen Class - Sir William White's 3rd batch of battleships to the Formidable design from the 1899 Program. Now Available  

HMS London, Minelayer Ex-Battleship 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Rob Kernaghan - In 1917 the battleship London was ordered back to the UK from the Mediterranean for conversion into a minelayer. She joined the 1st Minelaying Squadron in January 1918. Rob Kernaghan converted the Combrig 1:700 scale model of HMS Queen to portray the London as a minelayer. 

70270 HMS Prince of Wales 1904 - Second ship of the Queen Class and last of the eight ships based on the Formidable design. Now Available
70271PE  HMS Swiftsure 1904, British 2nd Class Battleship Purchased from Chile to Prevent her Purchase by Russia. with Photo-Etch Now Available (Click for Review

70275PE USS Selfridge 1945 Coming 
70276PE USS McDougal 1945 Coming 
70277PE USS Drayton 1944 Coming 
70278 HMS Lion 1912 Coming 
70279 HMS Princess Royal 1912 Coming 
70280  HMS Queen Mary, British Battlecruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has launched the first of their Splendid Cats. The HMS Queen Mary was outrageously beautiful and Combrig has reproduced the power and magnificence of the battle cruiser in this 1:700 scale kit. With the high parts number of miniscule resin and brass parts, the Combrig Queen Mary is probably not for the beginner but is certainly a superb kit for any modeler with resin experience. 

HMS Queen Mary, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Frank O'Neill - Here are pictures of the Combrig in 1:700 scale. Queen Mary. Frank O'Neill used the Combrig photo-etch that comes with the kit and added Tom's Modelworks photo-etched railings, stairs and ladders. 

HMS Queen Mary, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Randall - This is the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Queen Mary kit, This kit has been built by Peter Randall for a friend his whose grandfather was a Warrant Engine Room Aritificer on her at Jutland

70281  HMS Dreadnought 1906 - Admiral Jackie Fisher's dream battleship of 1906 introduced the all big gun capital ship and was one important designs in the history of the capital ship. with Photo-Etch Now Available (Click for Review)  

HMS Dreadnought, Built by Dmitry Chernov - One of the most detailed kits produced by Combrig is the HMS Dreadnought in 1:700 scale. These are photographs of this outstanding Combrig model built by Dmitry Chernov. Dmitry builds all of the Combrig kits. He also is involved in the technological process at the final stage of master model assembly.  

70282PE USS Porter DD356, Pre-War Fit, 1936-Early 1941 - Preview of the pre-war fit of the eight ship class of large destroyers for the USN. Click for review. with Photo-Etch

70283PE  USS Porter DD356, Early War Fit, Late 1941 to 1942 - This kit shows the Porter Class after the superstructure was greatly reduced for more anti-aircraft guns. Porter had this fit when lost in October 1942 and other units had this appearance into 1943. with Photo-Etch

70284  Grille, German Yacht 1935 - Now Available

70285  HMS Tiger 1914 - The last and the most handsome of the battlecruisers built for the Royal Navy prior to World War One. Click for Photographic Review

HMS Tiger, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Norbert Thiel - If you produce your own line of resin kits as does Norbert Thiel of NNT, what kits of other companies interest you? Here are photographs of the recently finished model of Norbert's non-NNT favourite, HMS Tiger by Combrig in 1:700 scale, with a lot of modifications. 

HMS Tiger - Built by Frank O'Neill


70286  Algérie, French Heavy Cruiser, 1940 - The best Treaty Cruiser design from any country. The Algérie combined striking good looks with excellent operational characteristics all within the 10,000-ton Washington/London Treaty restrictions. With Photo-Etch, 

70287  USS Minneapolis, New Orleans Class Heavy Cruiser 1943 -  USS Minneapolis CA-36 was called Minnie by her crew and earned 17 battle stars in the fighting in the Pacific in World War Two. Seriously damaged at the Battle of Tassafaronga on November 30, 1942, she went in the yard for a major refit and came out in September 1943 with a changed appearance. This kit portray Minnie after this refit. with Photo-Etch

70288  USS Astoria, New Orleans Class Heavy Cruiser 1942 -  USS Astoria CA-34 was the first of the seven ship class of the New Orleans Class heavy cruiser to be laid down. These cruisers had heavier armor than preceding classes of USN heavy cruiser. The Astoria was lost at the Battle of Savo Island on August 9, 1942. with Photo-Etch

70289  HMS King Edward VII, British Battleship 1905 - The last British battleship design attributed to Sir William White was the eight ship King Edward VII Class. It broke from the previous pattern and introduced an intermediate armament of 9.2-Inch guns. Click for Photographic Review 

Taking It Green! HMS Africa in Heavy Seas, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Diorama by Peter Fulgoney - This diorama is loaded with drama and mood. Peter Fulgoney took the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of HMS King Edward VII and built it as HMS Africa. However, it is the superlative "Heavy Seas" in which the model is placed, which sets it apart from the ordinary. 

70290  HMS Britannia, British Battleship 1905 - First of the King Edward VII Class battleships to be laid down but launched over a year after the King Edward VII. Britannia had a different foretop and other minor differences from the former. 

HMS Commonwealth, British Battleship 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Rob Kernaghan - Rob Kernaghan has really taken to World War One Royal Navy dazzle camouflage schemes. First he unveils his HMS London, battleship/minelayer, in her 1918 dazzle scheme and now it is HMS Commonwealth in her 1918 dazzle scheme. The kit is the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Britannia kit, modified to represent the 1918 appearance of the ship.



70291 HMS Roberts, Last of the Monitors, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Roberts is an excellent kit. With the Roberts, Combrig corrected mistakes made in their Abercrombie kit, making the Roberts even more attractive for the modeler over her sistership. With a little RN pattern photo-etch, you can build a beautiful reproduction of the last of the monitors. 

HMS Roberts, British WWII Monitor, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by David Bilek - David Bilek just finished HMS Roberts the monitor from Kombrig in scale 1/700. HMS Roberts from Kombrig is very accurate resin kit. David was very satisfied with quality of casting. 

70292 HMAS Australia, Australian Heavy Cruiser 1928 - With HMAS Canberra, the two Australian County Class Cruisers. 
70293PE  HMS Triumph, British 2nd Class Battleship - 1901 with Photo-Etch

HMS Triumph, British Battleship 1904, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Pat Camp - This is Combrig's 1/700 scale HMS Triumph kit built by Pat Camp using White Ensign Model's PE757 HMS Tiger photo-etch set and Atlantic Models Ratlines 1/600-1/700 scale. The torpedo nets are fine braided steel wire that a car modeler friend kindly let me have. Figures are from Tom's Modelworks. Flags are from Gold Medal Models

70294  HMS Royal Sovereign, British Battleship - 1889 - William White designed the classic battleship for the 1889 Royal Navy estimates. The design for this class set the standard design for British battleships until the advent of the dreadnought. Click for Review 

HMS Royal Sovereign 1892, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The HMS Royal Sovereign was the first battleships design of the new Director of Naval Construction (DNC) William White. With this design the Royal Navy ended a period of hodge-podge designs and  the overall design became the pattern established by the RN for their battleships. Peter Fulgoney has built HMS Royal Sovereign as she appeared in her full Victorian splendor in 1892 from the Combrig kit in 1:700 scale.

70295  HMAS Canberra, Australian Heavy Cruiser - 1928 - This is the Combrig 1:700 scale model of the HMAS Canberra, County Class Cruiser, build by Norbert Thiel of NNT

70296 HMS Abercrombie, British Monitor, The last of 42 monitors to be built by the Royal Navy in the 20th Century. Armed with two 15-Inch/42 guns, Abercrombie supported the US 7th Army at Sicily and Salerno. Click for Review. 

70297 Emanuele Filiberto Duca D'Aosta 1935, Italian Light Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The fourth class of Condottieri Italian Light Cruisers continued with the trend for larger but better protected cruisers. The two ships of the Duca D’Aosta Class saw another jump in displacement and continued the Italian tradition of designing elegant warships. Combrig has released their own 1:700 scale model of Duca D'Aosta

70298 Vainamoien, Coast Defense Ship, Finland
70299 Ilmarinen, Coast Defense Ship, Finland Click on photograph for biography of the ship and photographs of the completed model.

70301 Moskva, V/STOL Cruiser, Pr. 1123
70302 Leningrad, V/STOL Cruiser, Pr. 1123
70303 Grozny, RKR, Pr. 58
70304 Variag, RKR, Pr. 58
70305 Admiral Fokin, RKR, Pr. 58
70306 Soznatelny, Destroyer, Pr. 56A
70307 Bravy, Destroyer, Pr. 56K
70308 Plamenny, Destroyer, Pr. 56PLO
70309 Frunze, Light Cruiser, Pr. 68K
70310 Chapaev, Light Cruiser, Pr. 68K
Chap1699Profile.JPG (34397 bytes) Chap1698chp&sverdPlan.JPG (67914 bytes) Chap1697plan.JPG (36168 bytes)
Chap1700decks.JPG (75861 bytes) Chap1701arm.JPG (84262 bytes) Chap1702boats.JPG (70740 bytes)
70311 Sverdlov, Light Cruiser, Pr. 68bis, Click for Review
Sverd1870title.JPG (45706 bytes)
70312 Zhdanov, Sverdlov Class, Cruiser Command Ship, Pr. 68-U1
ZdanovsergeyA.jpg (73014 bytes)

Zhdanov, Soviet Command Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Andrey Zhukov - Here are some photographs of Andrey Zhukov's Zh dano v cruiser built from 1/700 scale Combrig kit. Zhdanov is a soviet cruiser of the Sverdlov class, project 68-bis. Built by the Baltic yard, Leningrad - laid down 1950, launched 27 December 1950, completed 31 December 1951

70313 Admiral Zozulya, RKR, Pr. 1134
70314 Vitse-Admiral Drozd, RKR, Pr. 1134, Click for Review
Drozd908possibleA2.JPG (49778 bytes)
70315 Vladivostok, RKR, Pr. 1134
KomBrig Vladivostok Box1.jpg (61598 bytes)
70316 Sevastopol, RKR, Pr. 1134
70317 Petr Veliki, ex-Yuri Andropov, RKR, Pr. 1144 Coming 
70318 Admiral Nakhimov, ex-Kalinin, RKR, Pr. 1144 Coming
70319 Admiral Ushakov, ex-Kirov, RKR, Pr. 1144 Coming 
70320 Admiral Lazarev, ex-Frunze, RKR, Pr. 1144 Coming 
70321  MPK-44, Ex-Komsomolets Latvii, Small Anti-Submarine Ship, Grisha I - Pr. 1124 Albatros  (Click for Photographic Preview)

70322  Ochakov, BPK, Pr. 1134B,  (Click for Photographic Preview)

70323  Kerch, BPK, Pr. 1134B, 
70324  Azov, BPK, Pr. 1134BF,  (Click for a Photographic Preview)

70325 Moskva, ex-Slava, RKR, Pr. 1164,  with Photo-Etch & Decals (Click for review of the resin components of the Moskva)

70326  Variag, ex-Chervona Ukraina, RKR, Pr. 1164,  with Photo-Etch & Decals
70327  Marshal Ustinov, ex-Admiral Lobov, RKR, Pr. 1164, with Photo-Etch & Decals 
70328  Neustrashimy, Frigate, Pr. 11540, with Photo-Etch. (Click for Review)
Neustra4800box.JPG (153793 bytes) MM2896plan.jpg (34288 bytes) MM2897pro.jpg (28201 bytes)
Neustrashimy3375smallparts.JPG (97064 bytes) Neustrashimy3376smallparts.JPG (67044 bytes) Neustra4801PE.JPG (150073 bytes)
70329 Admiral Golovko, RKR, Pr. 58
70330 Dzerzhinskiy, Sverdlov Class, RKR, Pr. 70-E
70331 Pr. 1143.4, Coming 
70332  Petropavlovsk, Pr. 1134B (Click for Photographic Preview)
70333  Izumrud, Grisha II Class Antisubmarine Ship- Pr. 1124P - Given the NATO code name Grisha II, the 17 ships of this series were used by the KGB for guarding the maritime boundaries of the Soviet Union.  

70334  Admiral Zheleznyakov, Minesweeper 1988 - Project 12660 Gorya 
70335  Gumanenko, Minesweeper 1994 - Pr. 12660 Gorya  (Click for a preview of the Admiral Gumanenko)

70336PE  Obraztsovy, Large Antisubmarine Ship BPK- Project 61 - 1965 with Photo-Etch Now Available (Click for Preview of the Obraztsovy. Resin Parts and Decal Sheet Shown. Photo-Etch Fret and Instructions not Shown.)

70337PE  Slavny, Project 61M BPK, Modified Kashin Soviet Missile Destroyer, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Project 61M, Modified Kashin, destroyers were wonderful looking warships. With the Combrig Slavny Project 61M BPK in 1:700 scale, the modeler will get all of the resin parts, two brass frets and even a decal sheet to model this complex design. The only item that mars this kit is a set of inadequate instructions. 

70338PE  Provorny, Project 61E BPK, KashinMissile Test Destroyer, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Provorny Project 61E, Kashin, destroyer provides a one-off variation of this numerous destroyer class. With the Combrig Provorny Project 61E BPK in 1:700 scale, every modeler can build this unique vessel in her configuration as missile test platform with the solid pylon main mast, Top Steer array, and single SA-N-7 mount aft. with Photo-Etch 

70339PE  Smetlivy, Large Antisubmarine Ship BPK- Project 010710 - 2000 fit with Photo-Etch Now Available
70340  Delfin, Soviet Export Frigate, Project 1159, Koni I Now Available (Click for a review of the Delfin)

70341  Reis Korfo, Algerian Frigate, Project 1159T, Koni II, Now Available (Click for review of Reis Korfo

70342  Beograd, Yugoslav Frigate, Project 1159R, Koni III, Now Available (Click for review of Beograd)

70343  Al Hani, Libyan Frigate, Project 1159TR, Koni IV, Now Available (Click for review of Al Hani

Al Hani, Libyan Frigate, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Brett Morrow - This is a 1/700 scale resin kit of the Al Hani produced by Combrig from Russia, this manufacturer also produces the three other variants of this class, the Russian prototype `Delfin`,the Yugoslav `Beograd` and the Algerian `Rais Corso`, these are the only models of this class produced in any scale

70344  Voronezhsky Komsomolets, Large Landing Ship 1964, Project 1171 Alligator - The Russian Gators are coming. If you are a "Gator" enthusiast you will have to get the Russian Alligator class LSTs. The design is a mixture of the blunt-bowed WW2 design with clamshell doors on the cutwater and modern streamlined superstructure. The Voronezhsky Komsomolets is the first of the ships of the Project 1171 Tapir class BDKs and reflects the Type I variant, identifiable with two cranes forward, one crane aft, lack of superstructure forward and smaller aft superstructure. 

70345  Nickolai Filchenkov, Project 1171 Tapir Class Type IV BDK 1976, NATO Code Name Alligator LST, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The 1:700 scale  Combrig Nickolai Filchenkov presents the opportunity to own the Russian Gunfire Gators. This is the 14th and last of the Project 1171 BDKs, NATO code name Alligator. Only two of the class were built to this Type IV standard. The model features a forward superstructure with 140mm rocket launcher on the top deck and an extended superstructure aft. Now only will you get the rocket launcher introduced with the Type III variant and the twin 57mm mount found on the original Type I variant, but also you get two twin 25mm gun positions, which were only found on the Type IV variant. What more could a growing Gator want? 

70346  Parchim I, Project 133.1, East German Corvette 1981, Now Available
70347 Kazanets, Parchim II, Now Available
70348 Stalingrad Project 82, Heavy CruiserComing 
70349  Kronshtadt, Missile Cruiser, Project 1134A 1970, Now Available Known under the Soviet Codename of Berkut A, the NATO codename for the design was Kresta II.
70350  Marshall Voroshilov, Project 1134A, 1973 - Soviet Classification of Large Anti-Submarine Ship. Known under the Soviet Codename of Berkut A, the NATO codename for the design was Kresta II. Now Available
70351  Vasiliy Chapaev, Project 1134A, 1977 - Soviet Classification of Large Anti-Submarine Ship. Known under the Soviet Codename of Berkut A, the NATO codename for the design was Kresta II. Now Available
70352  Admiral Makarov, Project 1134A 1973 - Soviet Classification of Large Anti-Submarine Ship. Known under the Soviet Codename of Berkut A, the NATO codename for the design was Kresta II. Now Available

Admiral Makarov, Kresta II Soviet Missile Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Andrey Zhukov - This is the latest completed project of Andrey Zhukov, the Admiral Makarov, KrestaI II Missile Cruiser, that he started a year ago, together with a Kresta I and Kara.  

70397PE Rajput, Indian Navy Frigate, Project 61ME - with Photo-Etch Now Available
70399PE USS Salem, USN Heavy Cruiser Coming 
70401  HMS Iron Duke, British Battleship 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Finally Combrig has gotten around to the flagship of the Grand Fleet through 1916. The HMS Iron Duke had classic good looks and Combrig has reproduced those looks in this 1:700 scale kit. With numerous resin and brass parts, the kit can be intimidating to the uninitiated but it is a gold mine of detail. Sir John Jellicoe can sail again. 

HMS Iron Duke 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - Kostas Katseas has built the Combrig 1:700 Scale HMS Iron Duke in her 1918 fit with coffee pot search light towers. No longer the flagship of the Grand Fleet, since she was replaced by HMS Queen Elizabeth when Admiral Beatty became commander, replacing Admiral Jellicoe, the Iron Duke still exhibits the classic elegance of the British battleship at the height of her power. 

HMS Iron Duke 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Katseas Kostas - Katseas Kostas considers the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Iron Duke to be a very sharp kit. He was not sure about the boat at the rear superstructure but it looks nice so that he decided to leave it there. Different photographs from above. 

70402  HMS Emperor of India 1918
70403  HMS Benbow, Iron Duke Class Battleship 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig has released kits for all four members of the Iron Duke class. None of the kits are identical to each other. The Combrig 1:700 scale kit of HMS Benbow portrays the ship as commissioned in November 1914. The Combrig Benbow kit also provides the best basis for building a Jutland fit of the Iron Duke class. 

70404  HMS Marlborough 1918
70406  HMS Hood 1893, Turret Battleship
70407 Danton 1911 French Post-Dreadnought Pre-Dreadnought Mixed Gun Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Danton was not a pre-dreadnought but a post-dreadnought design, in which the French chose to build a mixed armament battleship and rejected the all big gun layout of HMS Dreadnought but the ship had a greater displacement than the British battleship. The 1:700 scale Combrig Danton provides excellently produced resin and brass parts to model Danton in all her eight turret, five funnel, top hat cap glory. 

70410 Izmail, Imperial Russian Battle Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - The Combrig 1:700 scale Izmail is a large and striking kit. Armed with 14-inch/52 main guns, this Russian battle cruiser design had longer 14-inch guns than those found in any other navy. If it had not been for a twist of fate, they could have been ordered in 1911, instead of 1912, and completed shortly after the start of World War One. Four powerful Izmails and four Sevastopol class battleships would have certainly complicated the Baltic balance of power immensely. Combrig provides full resin and brass parts, excluding railing, to build a scale replica of one of the largest Imperial Russian warship ever launched. 

70411 HMS Drake, British Armored Cruiser 1914, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Combrig presents another winner with their 1:700 scale model of HMS Drake. The cruiser hull is large and impressive and yet with less parts on the included photo-etch fret than found in most Combrig release, the Drake should prove an easy build. 

70412 HMS Good Hope
70413  HMS Leviathan, Drake Class Armored Cruiser 1903, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - Leviathan is a proper name for a member of this class of gigantic armored cruiser. For years the members of this class were among the largest and fastest warships in the world. Now, thanks to Combrig, 1:700 models of these giants can grace the Home Fleet of any modeler. 

HMS Leviathan, Drake Class Armored Cruiser 1913, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - This is the 1/700 scale Combrig HMS Leviathan. Bob Cicconi made her as close as he could to two photos he found on the internet that represent Leviathan as she appeared circa 1913 with some type of early semi-dazzle scheme that included a false bow wave.

70417 SMS Friederrich der Grosse
70418  SMS Kaiserin, Kaiser Class German Battleship 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - With SMS Kaiserin you have a battleship fit for an Empress. The Combrig 1:700 scale model of the ship provides resin and brass parts for a late war fit of the battleship. The Combrig Kaiserin comes with a heavy pole foremast and enlarged foretop, which, if fitted, would have been a post Jutland addition. 

70421 SMS Seydlitz 1913, German Battle Cruiser
70424 Edgar Quinet 1911, French Armored Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Thanks to Combrig, you now can get a 1:700 scale of the best of the French armored cruisers, the Edgar Quinet. An ancestor of the heavy cruiser, the Edgar Quinet ditched the mixed armament of France other countries' armored cruisers and went to an all big gun armament of fourteen 7.6-inch guns mounted in twin gun turrets, single gun turrets and casemate guns. With a speed of 24-knots, the Edgar Quinet was a good design. There was only one problem. Across the channel the Royal Navy started building the Invincible class battle cruisers that put an end to armored cruiser mania and introduced battle cruiser madness.

70425 Waldeck-Rousseau 1911, French Armored Cruiser
70428  SMS Ostfriesland
70429  SMS Helgoland
70430 SMS Thuringen
70431  SMS Oldenburg, Helgoland Class German Battleship 1912, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Photographic Review - Now you can give perfidious Albion a run for the Reich Mark. It is time for your Place in the Sun with the new Combrig 1:700 scale dreadnoughts of the High Seas Fleet and there is no better starting place than the SMS Oldenburg

70432 Heyreddin Barbarossa 1915, Turkish Battleship
70433 SMS Lutzow, Imperial German Battle Cruiser, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Kostas Katseas - The Combrig 1/700 scale SMS Lutzow is of typical Combrig quality. Kostas Katseas added some extra details in the form of etched port holes, doors, ladders, hand-rails around funnels area. 

70441 HMS Prince George 1915, Majestic Class Battleship, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - Peter Fulgoney has built the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Majestic kit as the sister ship HMS Prince George, as she appeared in 1915 in shore bombardment duties at the Dardanelles. 

70442 HMS Mars 1896
70443  HMS Caesar 1898, Last of the Majestic Class Battleships, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Now you can have William White’s wonder, the Majestic Class British battleship, which established the standard design for the British battleship for almost a decade. HMS Caesar was the last of the nine ships of the class and is different in barbette design and bridge location from the first six ships in bridge location and seven ships in barbette design. Combrig provides their usual outstanding casting with clean, crisp and detailed parts but no photo-etch. 
70444 HMS Hannibal 1896
70445 HMS Canopus 1899
70446 HMS Ocean 1900
70447 HMS Albion 1901
70448 HMS Vengeance 1899


Combrig Warship Accessories, 1:700 Scale
Updated 28 May 2004
DE701 Project 61, NATO Codename Kashin
Photo-Etch Parts
PE7001 Project 1164 Moskva-Slava Class Rocket Cruiser Fret
PE7002 USS Porter, USN Destroyer, 1936-1940 Fit Fret
PE7003 USS Porter, USN Destroyer, 1941-1942 Fit Fret
Resin Parts
RP7001 1.1-Inch Quadruple Antiaircraft Guns, "The Chicago Piano" (10 Mounts Per Pack)