Here are photos of my latest build, and the first since my brief sojourn into larger-scale land. It is the 1/700 scale Combrig Georgii Pobedonosets. The ship was launched in 1895 as a modification of the Sinope class, and had a fairly uneventful career, save that it was involved in the Potemkin mutiny saga. Its crew beached the ship however, and it remained in government hands because of their actions. It was finally sold for scrap around 1920. The kit itself is one of Combrig's earlier releases acquired from Pacific Front Hobbies, but still has good detail, and was fairly simple in its layout and construction. I used Gold Medal Models Ultra railings, Floquil paints, and Dai Riki 7X line for rigging. Masts and flag posts were made from brass rod. All in all it was a fun build, and a good warm up for the more complicated projects ahead.

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Bob Cicconi