This is the Combrig 1:700 scale HMS Queen Mary kit, This kit has been built for a friend of mine whose grandfather was a Warrant Engine Room Aritificer on her at Jutland . I have used the White Ensign Models HMS Tiger photo-etch set along with bits and pieces from the Italeri 1:720 HMS Hood kit. Most of the masts, yards, derricks and various booms were replaced with brass. As I couldn't find too much information on the Queen Mary, I made extensive use of Jim Baumann's build of the NNT kit as a guide. Painting was done with Humbrol's, all rigging was from stretch sprue and for the torpedo netting I used embroidery thread. This was the first resin kit of this size that I have built and I found it a real  test of my modeling skills, especially with hull warping.

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Peter Randall
New Zealand