These are photos of the Combrig 1/700 scale HMS Renown that I just completed. I chose to build it circa 1905-1906 when it was used by the royal party to make a tour of the world. That meant I didn't need to add torpedo nets or the secondary armament. According to Burt's British Battleships 1889-1904, Renown was white with buff stacks and masts, a red waterline, and a green stripe along the edge of the deck. There were fewer J vents on the deck, which is born out by photos that also show fewer lifeboats and cutters stowed on the boat deck. Floquil and White Ensign Models paints were used, as well as Gold Medal Models railings and other photo-etch items from their HMS Tiger set. Masts are brass and sprue, and rigging is stretched sprue. The ship was known as the "battleship yacht", which is interesting, as at 390' long the Renown wouldn't crack the top five largest yachts from 2005, the largest being the Al Salameh which is 456" 10" long. Renown was, however, better armed, and carried a main armament of four 10" guns.

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Bob Cicconi