This is Combrig's 1/700 scale HMS Triumph kit built using White Ensign Model's PE757 HMS Tiger photo-etch set and Atlantic Models Ratlines 1/600-1/700 scale. The torpedo nets are fine braided steel wire that a car modeler friend kindly let me have. Figures are from Tom's Modelworks. Flags are from Gold Medal Models. Other details are from plasticard, stretched sprue and an aluminum soda can. The seascape is made from textured glass. The beautifully engraved labels come from "Name It!", email This was my first try at building a resin ship model and I enjoyed it immensely. If you have not yet tried one for yourself then I recommend you give it a go. Many thanks to the manufacturer's for coming up with all this wonderful stuff and thanks to you Steelnavy contributors, most notably Bob Cicconi and Rob Kernaghan, for answering questions I've posted about it from time to time

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Pat Camp