This is the Combrig 1/700 scale SMS Weissenburg. It's a really nice kit, but for some reason there are no instructions whatsoever regarding the boat stowage racks, the photo-etched aft superstructure support, and several other items on the photo-etch fret. Without the help of Guido Hopp, Timmy C, Peppe, Darius P, and especially Bernd Villhauer, all of whom sent me good photos showing how the boat stowage and rear platform support were constructed, I would never have been able to build the model. Aside from that problem, the model is excellent as are virtually all Combrig kits. I used Floquil and Testors paints, Gold Medal ultra railings, scratch-built the masts, and used stretched sprue for the rigging.  Everything else came with the kit.

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Bob Cicconi