Corsair Armada Detail Parts
By Bill Smallshaw

The daunting challenge for all 1/700 scale modelers has been how to deal with the secondary armament for World War II vintage US Warships. The quality of some these parts, even in Skywave accessory kits, has been spotty at best. How many of us have looked at the 20mm mounts on your kit and wondered why they seem to be bigger than a 3 inch gun? Specifically when they are used on a destroyer or cruiser. Corsair Armada has provided the accessories to help the purist and even the novice improve the look of their 1/700 scale models.

In high quality resin and photo-etch parts Corsair Armada markets 20mm, 5 inch 25 caliber and 5 inch 38 caliber open mounts in 1/700 scale.

20 mm Guns

Corsair Armada has done an excellent job of providing a 20mm Mk 1 mount that was so prevalent on US warships of the period. These little gems come in a package of 24 guns with a resin cast base, photo-etch gun and photo-etch gun shield/gun mount. Although at first blush they appear a challenge to assemble, with a little practice and the right tools they can be assembled in a short period of time. A pair of eye magnifiers and needle nose tweezers is a must to properly form and assemble the parts. The end result is fantastic, my Skywave USS Atlanta and Skywave Fletcher look proportionally correct, no longer suffering for a top heavy appearance imposed by the Skywave 20mms. 

 5-Inch 25 Caliber Open Mounts

When modeling the early cruisers or early aircraft carriers of the US Fleet the 5-inch 25 mount has been a real source of inaccuracy. All of the manufactures have not been able to get this one right. The Corsair Armada comes in a resin casting of the base mount and the rifle, eight to a package. As an extra bonus the package includes one loading machine used by ship crews for efficiency drills. The detail of these mounts is outstanding in such a small scale. Mine will be put to good use in cleaning up the Fujimi USS Lexington kit.

5-Inch 38 Caliber Open Mounts

This gun mount has been another problem for 1/700 scale modelers. If you are looking for a replacement for all of the unfortunate incarnations of this particular mount, Corsair Armada provides an answer. Similar to the 25 caliber mount, the 38s are molded in resin base with a resin rifle. The package comes with nine gun mounts and yes! the practice loading machine. If only we could get a complete set of just the loading machines that empty deck look on the destroyers would be forever banished! This mount is the Mk 30 mod 51 and is beautifully executed. I have utilized these to improve the Hasegawa USS Hancock. What a difference this made to improve over the kits poor stick figure representing the gun mount.


Corsair Armada has done a great job in providing the modeler with an answer to the prayer for better secondary gun mounts. The 20mm guns are a must for the smaller ships of your fleet. The ambitious would greatly enhance a battleship or aircraft carrier, I could only deal with the number of guns on a CVE. The 5 inch guns are an absolute must for any serious efforts of ships that had these mounts. These accessories can be purchased from Pacific Front Hobbies of from Corsair Armada directly.