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Flower Class

1941 Version
1:400 Full Hull Kit
Rob Mackie

This L'Arsenal 1:400 scale full hull resin kit depicts a French Flower class corvette circa 1941. It is very similar in approach (and quality!) to the L'Arsenal late Flower class kit (see the more extensive Warship review of the L'Arsenal late flower class corvette). All the comments in that review apply to this earlier version.

As with the later corvette, multiple versions (two French --Mimosa and Alysse- and one Royal Navy - HMS Campion) can be constructed. All vessels are in a mid-to late 1941 fit. Corvettes of this period generally had the longer forecastle, but still carried the mast forward of the bridge and had yet to adopt the very much enlarged navigation bridge of later corvettes. Secondary armament was somewhat lighter and hedgehog launchers were still in the future. So this kit shows a "mid-production" corvette. The whaler-like appearance of short forecastle early corvettes is gone, but the more purposeful and crowded appearance of the later vessels is yet to come. A one piece full hull kit, L'Arsenal has scribed a waterline on the hull for those modelers preferring a waterline presentation. This version has slightly less etched brass than the later kit. 1941 vintage Flowers were less "busy", hence fewer pieces to assemble. But in all major respects this kit has all the strengths (and the few weaknesses) of its sister kit. I recommend it without reservation. It is a highly professional and attractive effort. My mother (nee Gagne), a native French speaker, will enjoy translating the instructions, though they are sufficiently visual to make this unnecessary.

L'Arsenal kits are available in the USA from Pacific Front, or you can order direct from L'Arsenal. See the L'Arsenal product page for more information.

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Hull casting

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Hull casting

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Forecastle closeup
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Small resin parts
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Etched brass
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Resin display stand
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