I started with William Blackmore's excellent Cottage Industry Models 1/96 scale USS Monitor resin kit and constructed most of the interior below deck. The parts for the turret interior were included in the kit. I used the 1/48 plans from David Meagher and scaled down. I built the engine, boilers, coal bunkers, stove, crews quarters, magazine, wardroom and one officer's stateroom. Materials used include wood, plastic, brass rod, and metal gears. I made the awning from fabric and the flags from paper. Crew figures are also from Cottage Industry Models. The model represents the final version of the Monitor before she sank in December, 1862. This included the raised stack, ventilators and sloped armor around the pilot-house. When building a cutaway, there is always a compromise between showing enough of the interior and losing too much of the exterior. In this case, the turret engine, some main engine details and various steam pipes that I constructed are almost impossible to see. In order to have shown them I would have had to cut away more of the deck and a section of the turret.

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David Nanberg