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Cruise Books
Formatted like a college or high school yearbook, the warship cruise book was printed for members of the ship's crew during a particular cruise. Quality can vary according to the whims of the editor. Many are mostly crew photographs, which is logical, but if there are few photographs of the ship, the volume is of very limited value. For a modeler or naval historian, a volume with a lot of photography of the ship, ship's fittings and in the case of an aircraft carrier, aircraft, is what is sought.
Aircraft Carriers
Essex Class
Essex CV-9 USS Essex CVA-9 1953-1954 - The Essex Epic, Third Far East Tour 1953-1954 presents a very good look at the USS Essex CVA-9 after her first major modification SCB-27A. Although she still has her WW2 axial flight deck and open bow, her new island and other improvements for jet aircraft operation are the first major steps in the evolution of the Essex class aircraft carriers. 

Hancock CV-19 USS Hancock CVA-19 1957 - The USS Hancock CVA-19 "Strike" 1957 Far Eastern Cruise Book is an excellent volume on the ship as she was commissioned after her SCB-125 modifications. In addition to the new angled deck and Hurricane bow, Hancock fielded that hot new twin tailed terror, the Vought F7U Cutlass. The volume has a good selection of color photographs and an early example of graphic arts. 

Bon Homme Richard CV-31 USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31 1951 - Second Hitch USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31 cruise book for the carrier's first Korean War tour in 1951 is an example of the type of cruise book that is excellent for the modeler. It is very strong in ship and aircraft photographs. The carrier was taken out of mothballs and still has her World War Two appearance with Bofors 40mm and twin Oerlikon 20mm guns.