This is a 1/700 scale model of the French pre-dreadnought Jaureguiberry cast in resin by a Japanese cottage industry company called the Dream Festival Workshop. I was able to get the kit through the help of "Gone Asiatic" (Phil Harris) who is a U.S. Naval officer stationed in Japan. The ship was launched in the late 1890's, and typified the French ships of that period: pronounced tumblehome, large military masts with the "Fierce Face" look, and a mixed main armament (12", 10.8", 6") arranged in a lozenge layout. In addition, she was the only ship of the class, which helped make the French Navy known as a "Fleet of Samples". The kit was not too bad to build, considering its limited run status, but I rebuilt the gun barrels, added brass masts and yards to the military masts, built the four boat cranes from brass, and added smaller guns and the ship's boats from my spares box. Gold Medal Models railings were added, and I rigged her with a combination of stretched sprue and 9X (.002) Dai Riki fishing line from Pacific Front Hobbies. It was a fun build, and when done, it does kind of look like the ship token in "Monopoly", as Roger Todd noted in a humorous thread a while ago.

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