This is the USS Cochrane DDG-21, (CF Adams Class DDG) from Dragon in 1:700 scale. Built as DDG-22 Benjamin Stoddert. The display is entitled, "Gun Run, Tonkin Gulf 1972", DDG-22 Benjamin Stoddert evading NVA shore based artillery while attacking shore based targets of importance. The ship is back-dated to 1972. Added details include: Gold Medal Models USN/JMSDF photo-etch Set, GMM "Ultra" P/E Railing Set. Scratch-built details added to mast, aft funnel, gun director house, gun director, and center anchor hawsepipe. Painted with White Ensign Models Deck Grey, Testors Acrylic Haze Grey, Testors RLM 23, Testors Acrylic Flat Black, Testors Acrylic Engine Grey. All colors lightened with white for scale effect. Rigging is .94 lb test monofilament. Weathering was done with artist oils and colored pencils. Base is Poplar wood, water is 1/8" dark blue acrylic sheet coated with textured Acrylic Gel medium. Bow wave and explosion were made from reshaped 1/4" clear acrylic dowel. Special Thanks goes to Mr. Bill Halvorson for sharing his experience and photos from WestPac 1972 then aboard DDG-22. Thanks Bill.

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Tony Bunch