Alessandro Luciani of Delphis Models sent in these photographs of the three newest models from his company. The three models cover three different eras of Italian warships, pre-World War One, World War Two and modern. All of the photographs were taken by Dario Agostinelli and show the three kits after they have been built and painted. A complete review of the Delphis 1:350 scale model of the RN Raimondo Montecuccoli has been posted (Click for review of the Delphis 1:350 scale Raimondo  Montecuccoli) but the only two photographs in it of the completed model were taken at the Milano Hobby Show in September 2004 by Maurizio Chiaro and show the model without all of the brass photo-etch in place. These two photographs show the kit with photo-etch railings and other parts attached.

DelMonte02AL.jpg (62143 bytes) DelMonte01AL.jpg (100466 bytes)

Delphis has also produced two new models in 1:700 scale. The RN Napoli is a predreadnought battleship from the 1902 program and is one of the four battleships of the Regina Elena Class. This class was ordered in two groups. The Regina Elena and Vittorio Emanuele were part of the 1901 program and were laid down in 1901. The last two Roma and Napoli were part of the 1902 program and were laid down in 1903. The design was by the famous Vittorio Cuniberti, who was the Chief Designer for the Regia Marina at that time. The requirement was for a battleship that was faster than contemporary French and British battleships of the period but able to easily destroy armored cruisers. The ships were significantly faster than the standard 17 to 18 knot battleships of the period in that they were designed for 20.8 knots but Napoli hit 22.15 knots on trials. The first two had long straight funnels and both foremast and mainmast. The second two had only a mainmast and shorter capped funnels but the design of the cap was different between the two.

DelNapoli01AL.jpg (76237 bytes) DelVesuvio01AL.jpg (66233 bytes)

From the modern Italian navy Delphis has produced the fleet replenishment ships Stromboli and Vesuvio. These two ships of the Stromboli Class are capable of unrep missions on both sides of the ship at once. They also have an aft helicopter pad for light resupply but do not have a hangar. Stromboli entered service in Oct 1975 and Vesuvio in November 1978. They are 4,200 tons displacement standard and 8,706 full load with a speed of 19.5 knots. They can carry their weight in fuel with capacity for 1,370 tons fuel oil, 2,830 tons diesel, 480 tons aviation fuel and 200 tons miscellaneous supplies, including munitions. Originally these ships were to be retired between 2005 and 2008. A third ship to this design was built for the Iraqi Navy. This was Agnadeen which went in service in October 1984 after being built in Naples. In 1986 it was berthed at Alexandria, Egypt, where it remained. In 1996 the builder was awarded custody of the ship but as of the 2000-2001 edition of Combat Fleets it was still at Alexandria.