Here are photos of the DelphisModels 1/700 scale Caio Duilio that I just completed. The Duilio, designed by Benedetto Brin, was considered as revolutionary as the Gloire was when it appeared on the naval scene. It had massive 17.7" 100 ton main guns, and was considered fast for its day at 15 knots. As if to set the pattern for most future Italian ships, it was more lightly armored than the Italians wanted it to be, in order to accommodate the large main weapons and the machinery to drive the ship at its design speed. The kit itself was more difficult to build than I thought it would be, mostly because of the construction and positioning of the flying deck that goes almost the entire length of the ship.  I changed the stowing positions of some of the lifeboats to conform to photos of the actual ship. In addition, I scratch-built the forward and aft walkways that jut out from the main flying deck. I made some other modifications to present the ship as it appeared in the majority of the photos I was able to get on the internet. Floquil paints were used as well as Gold Medal Ultra Railings, and 7X and 9X Dai Riki fishing line for the rigging. The kit was obtained from Pacific Front Hobbies, as were the other products used for the build.

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Bob Cicconi