These are two photographs of my scratch-built HMCS Ottawa, which I built a few years ago. She is in 1:192 scale and 21-inches long with a solid hull. Except for the screws and watertight doors she is completely scratch-built. I was contracted by a friend of mine, Fred Bustard, to build her for the museum at Citadel Hill, Halifax, Nova Scotia. I used his Kootney kit as reference, along with plans supplied by another modeler. This was my first ship model. Iíve been building models for 30 years of all types and subjects. Iím currently working on the 1:72 Revell Type Vll as U-480, more on that latter.

Ottawa1RD.jpg (38214 bytes) Ottawa2RD.jpg (66612 bytes)

Robert "Grinch" Dibbon