There is not much I would like to talk about, because you guys are all experts in model ship building and I am definitely a new guy. However, I do believe that this Dragon kit has a lot of improvement in quality as compared to some past Dragon kits.

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I built this Kirov with the White Ensign Models photo-etched set. This WEM set is a must for this kit. (Click for Review of WEM Kirov Photo-Etch set) Those kit radars, masts, etc. must be replaced, so the WEM set is essential. My thanks to WEM, as the set I have is a present from them. I hope I didn't let them down with my work. There is not much information I could find in the internet, particularly on rigging. If you guys see anything wrong, please let me know. One last thing is on the kit decal. They seem not to attach too well on the model.

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Douglas K.L. Chan
Hong Kong