This is Dragon's new 1/350 scale Laffey.  I love the story of this ship and was very happy when the news came out that Dragon was going to release this subject.  I painted her in the Measure 21 Navy Blue color scheme that she last appeared in before sinking the early morning hours of November 13, 1942 in Iron Bottom Sound.  I used Cyber Hobby's photo-etch upgrade set and some Tom's PE that I had left over from prior builds.  For paints I used Tamiya acrylics and Polyscale.  Decks and hull below the water line were sprayed with an airbrush and the remaining parts, including the hull above the water line were brush-applied.  Rigging is fine silk fly-tying thread, stained dark grey.  It was a very enjoyable and easy-fitting model to build.  No wonder so many modelers call this family of tin cans in the Dragon line the most exquisite plastic ship models made to date.

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Mark Taylor