These are photos of the French Pre-Dreadnought Carnot, which is the second offering from the Dream Festival Workshop. The kit is a 1/700 scale short-run resin kit, and is the same quality of the Jaureguiberry kit. The actual ship was one of five battleships that were derived from the Charles Martel, but were sufficiently different to preclude them from being considered a homogeneous class. The Jaureguiberry was one of them also, the other two being Massena and Bouvet. They all had two 12" guns, two 10.8" guns, and eight 5.5" guns, all in single turrets. The Carnot was scrapped in 1922. The kit was built using the Gold Medal Models Ultra railings set, the White Ensign Models Tiger set, brass rod for the masts and deck supports, and painted with Floquil and Testors enamels. Rigging was 7X and 9X Dai Riki fishing line. The kit and other items used were bought from Pacific Front Hobbies. Massena is now available from the model maker in Japan, but I don't know if it is available from Pacific Front yet. Naturally she will be on the "to build" list!

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Bob Cicconi