Here is my build of the Eastern Express Borodino. The kit is built out of the box using White Ensign Models photo-etch. I love the Borodino and would much prefer a good Combrig resin version, as all plastic kits have seams and fit problems. And while the EE kit does have those problems and some inaccuracies, it builds into a very nice kit using the WEM photo-etch and should not pose a real problem to most builders. As with all kits, do your research, take your time, and test fit all parts. The only thing I would do over again on my kit is to spend the money and buy Nuttal barrels. The kit provided ones aren't bad. It just his are so much better. I enjoyed building this kit probably more than any other I have done except maybe the Combrig Retvizan and Askold. I love these Russian pre-dreadnoughts and can't wait to get my hands on the next one or if luck holds maybe a French 1/350 scale pre-dreadnought.

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Quintin Trammell