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Surrey, B.C., Canada, modeler Warren Jones writes:
"Wow! What a project! Not one for the faint of hear if you want to complete her in a hurry. This is a basic build with a scratched hangar and modified bridge to reflect current Enterprise configuration (1997-99). I detailed her with Evergreen plastic rod and Gold Medal Models photo-etch. I modeled the CVW-3 airwing with hard points, ordinance, drop tanks, refueling probes, gear doors, struts, control surfaces et al. The aircraft were painted with a basecoat comprised of various Tamiya sky grey shades, and then weathered with numerous oil based washes. The decal set was custom made and covers the complete air wing of CVW-3, including tail art and authentic aircraft numbers and insignia.

The carrier deck is completely painted, including all graphics (lots of Tamiya masking tape). The weathered deck look was achieved by first painting the deck flat black. Then shades of grey were applied at an angle using high pressure to "dust" the layers on. Then the entire deck was rubbed down with plain manila paper in order to expose tire, skid marks, and sun fading. A few areas were then lightly airbrushed (too little is better than too much) at random around the high traffic areas of the flight deck. The finishing touch was a coat of flat base and Voila!. A fun project and a great experience.

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