These are photos of my HMS Erin built in 1:550 scale. Erin was an interesting ship, like Agincourt built for Turkey in the United Kingdom. On July 31, 1914, Winston Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty, ordered the seizure of Erin and Agincourt for use by the Grand Fleet to prevent their falling into the hands of a power friendly with Germany. This caused hard feelings by the Turks. On paper, Erin was comparable to the Iron Duke class with her 13.5 inch main guns, 6 inch secondary battery, 12 inch belt, and 21 knot speed. Unfortunately, her foreign origins made her less desirable for retention after WWI for the British and she had a very short service life, being sold in 1922 for scrap in compliance with the Washington arms limitation treaty.

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Greg Shoda