Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum
Warship Mystery Photographs

Here is a chance to help catalog a number of photographs received by the Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum located at the naval base at Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada. Over the years the museum has accumulated a large number of warship photographs that were not labeled or labeled incorrectly. The museum would appreciate any assistance rendered in their efforts to correctly identify and catalog these images for digital storage. With any answer, please state the reasons for your answer, as well as the name of the ship and possible date of the photograph, as that can be very helpful and persuasive in the case of different identifications. Please post all messages to the message board. 

July 28, 2005 - The class is clearly a Pensacola Class Heavy Cruiser. But which one is it? Either the Pensacola or the Salt Lake City visited Esquimalt, British Columbia while still in pre-war light gray. 

VR991-371-2-55.jpg (13217 bytes)

June 9, 2005 - As an example, study these two photographs. One is the overall view and one is from the same photograph with the photo cropped just on the ship. Apparently this photograph was labeled USS Pensacola. Quite clearly it is not the Pensacola, as it carries single gun turrets and flies a White Ensign at the stern. What ship is it and why do you believe this? Consensus appeared to be a D Class British light cruiser because of the prominent knuckle and triple torpedo tubes.

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