Jean-Luc Elineau sent in photographs of his latest builds of the USS Essex CV-9 and USS Hornet CV-8. Although all photo labels list Essex, clearly the superstructure photo and probably the photo with the SBDs are Hornet because of the island and camouflage scheme. Jean-Luc has his own web site listed below. The scale of the Essex and Hornet were not listed. However, because of the subject matter, they are probably the 1:350 scale kits of Essex and Hornet from Trumpeter.

Ess19jle.jpg (19417 bytes) Ess45jle.jpg (16845 bytes)
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Bonjour ,je viens de creer mon site : et je vous joint quelques photos de mes dernieres realisations ,en vous souhaitant mes amitiees maquettistes.

Jean-luc Elineau