If you get in your time machine and go back to the early 1960s, you would find an abundance of scales. Unlike now, where everything (almost) is in 1:700 scale or 1:350 scale, in the 1960s you could find almost any scale. Of course there was the notorious "box scale" the Revell staple in which new models had to conform to fit in a few standard box sizes, creating a hodge-podge of various bizarre scales. However, other companies had a better idea, produce warship kits in a standard scale. The iconic and quirky Aurora and the stately British Airfix chose 1:600 scale for their offerings but two other companies chose a different scale resulting in larger models. In the USA it was Renwal and in Great Britain it was the wonderfully named Frog who released kits in a generous 1:500 scale. Airfix is still around but Frog, Aurora and Renwal have bitten the dust. However, you can't keep a good idea down and Fujimi has brought back 1:500 scale for their new release of a Yamato. This scale gives you a real alternative if you think 1:700 scale is too small or you don't have a spare gymnasium for a 1:350 scale Yamato. There is no mistaking the 1:500 scale Fujimi Yamato with either of much smaller 1700 scale models or larger 1:350 Tamiya monster. It makes a perfect compromise between the two. To further enhance their Yamato kit, Fujimi has also released additional super detail sets for the kit. One such set is an extensive photo-etch release but in addition is a set of wooden decks, as shown in this review. 

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The Fujimi 1:500 scale wooden decks for their Yamato kit comes with two wooden decks. The larger one runs from behind the breakwater to Y barbette. There is a smaller deck for the portion of the bow from the front face of the breakwater to the metal deck forecastle. The Fujimi decks are exceptionally well done and are obviously specifically designed to fit hand in glove to their kit. The decks have cutouts for every deck fitting or locator hole, allowing the modeler to simply fit the deck on top of the plastic. The decks are amazingly thin and come with a protective plastic protective cover, which not only provides protection but also stiffens the deck to prevent damage and cracking of the deck before it is used on the kit. Even with this incredible thinness, the wooden deck will still be slightly raised over the remaining plastic "metal" decks. However, there is no way around it short of a special plastic deck with a well to fit the wooden decks. As it stands, I have to apprise the Fujimi 1:500 scale Yamato wooden decks as the best wooden deck set that I have seen.

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