I never thought of buying this kit when I first heard rumors of it coming out but after seeing such a fine little kit in pictures, I made up my mind and placed the order. I do regret one thing though and that is I regret not having waited longer. Less than a month ago Veterans Model announced a super detailed set for this same kit and after seeing pictures of the set my jaw literally dropped to the floor but there was little that I could do since I was in my final phase, which was the rigging. The model was painted with White Ensign Modelís Sasebo gray color and I made a mistake here, after her final refit she was painted with Kure gray NOT Sasebo, nevertheless she did wear Sasebo color before Kure and here is when I got confused while reading her TROM on the Combinedfleet website. The Type 89 AA guns were replaced with Lionroarís, very nice casting and lovely brass barrels. The figures on deck are from Eduardís, railings are Tomís, photo-etch binoculars and awning stanchions are from Flyhawk.  Those P.E doors you see are from Voyager, many extra things like anchors, ladders, radars, plane cradles came from a variety of  P.E leftovers that I had from Flyhawk and Pit-Road. I also replaced some of the boats and both planes with  Pit-Roadís  and that nice chrysanthemum crest you see on the bow came from LíArsenal. The rigging was done using stretched sprue and painted black.

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Jose Soca