I have recently completed the 1:700 scale Fujimi kit of the USS Lexington. The diorama photographs depict the Lady Lex in standard prewar Navy Gray during the late winter of 1940 and spring of 1941, prior to her repainting into Color Measure 1.

Lex3rs.JPG (128149 bytes) Lex98rs.jpg (54255 bytes)
Lex97rs.jpg (77759 bytes) Lex99rs.jpg (93277 bytes) Lex10rs.JPG (103269 bytes)

Two photos depict the Lexington in Drydock #1 at Pearl Harbor. A sequence of four photos attempts to depict the view a landing aircraft would have on approaching the Lexington. The other pictures depict the Lexington at sea.

Landing Sequence - Copy all four full size photographs and then cycle through them at speed.
Lex21rs.JPG (75121 bytes) Lex22rs.jpg (55140 bytes) Lex23rs.jpg (63876 bytes) Lex24rs.jpg (71916 bytes)

Richard Smith