This is the Sendai, Japanese light cruiser of the 1st Fleet, Main Body at the Battle of Midway, built by Gus Villanueva. Purchased: 25 November from Bernie McKenna Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Fujimi 1/700 scale FJM41078 IJN Jintsu Light Cruiser Started: 2 November 2010 Completed: 17 December 2010 Hull: WEM Kure Gray Deck: WEM Kure Gray & Linoleum Photo-Etch: Tom’s Modelworks Light IJN Cruiser Rust: Othello #89, scrapped into container, lightly brushed onto ship, in downward strokes Mast & Yardarms: Aft searchlight platform re-build.  Couldn’t get it to look “pear-shape”! Rigging: Caenis Black and stretched spruce Aircraft: Tamiya IJN green, light gray.  3-bar railing cut to size for wing struts/support,


Refernces: Dan Kaplan, Lars Juel Mosbach  

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Gus Villanueva