Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! For too long have the American carrier pilots had it their way. Pirate Doolittle would arrogantly point in the direction of the Land of the Rising Sun and Admiral Spruance would smirk from his flagship because their aircraft and aircraft carriers were completely equipped with the best brass photo-etch that Gold Medal Models could deliver. (Click for reviews of GMM Hornet, GMM Hornet Gold Plus, GMM Essex and GMM Essex Gold Plus 1:350 scale photo-etched frets) They knew that they were equipped with world class quality in their piratical assault upon us. It was a shame that could no longer be endured.

Rejoice, sons of heaven, because we too are now equipped with Gold Medal Models brass photo-etch for the pride of our carrier fleet, the mighty Akagi in 1:450 scale. The Hasegawa 1:450 scale model of the flagship of the Japanese Strike Force is the largest model of a Japanese carrier available. However, modeling it has been hampered by the lack of any photo-etch detail parts in the 1:450 scale. Gold Medal Models saw the need and provided a superb fret to add all of the detail and delicacy needed for the Akagi.

Deck Supports
Akagi2556sternsup.JPG (105630 bytes) Akagi2557SternSup.JPG (116301 bytes)
Akagi2590girdmid.JPG (122248 bytes) Akagi2591girders.JPG (159121 bytes) Akagi2558girders.JPG (139356 bytes)

Before Gold Medal Models our Nakajimas, Mitsubishis and Aichis would have to depart and land on a flightdeck devoid of the grace and delicacy of supports worthy of their charge. No longer must we endure that shame. With the GMM Akagi fret almost all of the oversize plastic flightdeck supports are replaced prototypically correct brass supports. This is critically important in any Japanese warship, as the supports and heavy use of lattice structures are dominant design features.

Masts & Hasegawa Akagi
Akagi2594det.JPG (160451 bytes) has40013[1].jpeg (33284 bytes) Akagi2562masts.JPG (117614 bytes)

No longer will plastic antennae masts the size of Redwood trees have to be used that would mar the purity of design of Akagi. With the GMM Akagi fret, they are replaced with finely wrought brass replacements, worthy of the pride of Nippon.

Safety Nets & Windbreak
Akagi2593nets.JPG (143854 bytes) Akagi2563nets.JPG (141679 bytes) Akagi2598netdet.JPG (138218 bytes)
Akagi2555safeD.JPG (150388 bytes) Akagi2552wind.JPG (77252 bytes) Akagi2554windD.JPG (159259 bytes)

The Emperor values all of his sailors. Everyone will be needed to face the challenges ahead. To provide for their safety GMM provides a full set of flightdeck safety nets. As an additional boon, outstandingly beautiful brass flightdeck windbreaks are provided.

Specific Fittings
Akagi2561rails.JPG (122303 bytes) Akagi2553ant.JPG (115907 bytes) Akagi2546fdd.JPG (116547 bytes) Akagi2597det.JPG (136083 bytes)

Additional fittings specific to the Akagi, include boat monorails, boat crane, direction finder antennae, mainmast with bracing, conning station windows, flightdeck searchlight doors, and island yardarms are provided in this fret.

Standard Fittings
Akagi2550vertlad.JPG (102388 bytes) Akagi2549inclad.JPG (125421 bytes)
Akagi2551doors.JPG (109593 bytes) Akagi2595rails.JPG (159277 bytes) Akagi2596rails.JPG (170025 bytes)

There is also a generous helping of generic Imperial Japanese Navy detail. Thirty-six doors with and without portholes in a total of size different designs, ten runs of vertical ladder, sixteen inclined ladders in three designs, fifteen runs of open stanchion railing, and eight runs of close stanchion railing provide all of common fittings necessary to set your Akagi apart from the common.

Gold Medal Models has not forgotten the aircraft. Mitsubishi Type 0, Aichi Type 99 and Nakajima Type 97 all receive brass replacement propellers as well as landing gear and wheels for the fighter.

No longer will you have to depart or return to a flightdeck devoid of your aircraft maintenance crew and other sailors of the great Akagi. With this GMM fret you may now populate your deck as befits the hub of the strike force. One Hundred Ten crew figures in multiple poses are provided by GMM. They will be there for every need; anti-aircraft crews, aircraft maintenance, island operations, glorious banzai departures and retrievals, it is up to you to decide.

Akagi2599Inst1.JPG (59661 bytes) Akagi2600Inst1a.JPG (144935 bytes) Akagi2692Inst1b.JPG (95725 bytes) Akagi2603Inst1c.JPG (169670 bytes)
Akagi2604Inst2.JPG (58632 bytes) Akagi2605Inst2a.JPG (158422 bytes) Akagi2606Inst2b.JPG (140231 bytes) Akagi2607Inst2c.JPG (140648 bytes)

No matter their station, all crewmen of Akagi can easily utilize and attach the detail parts provided in this fret. With the comprehensive set of instructions from Gold Medal Models, provided in their traditional modular format, location of parts and assembly is almost effortless. Through text and concise drawings, all ambiguity is eliminated.

With all of the extraordinary details in this fret, no longer will the magnificent Akagi appear as a faded cherry blossom next to the oversize and garish 1:350 American Hornet and Essex. With gleaming brass in place on Akagi, the arch-gangsters Roosevelt and Churchill will no longer be able to threaten the tranquility and harmony of the Empire. The Emperor, Fleet Commander Admiral Yamamoto and Strike Force Commander Admiral Nagumo are very well pleased to present the Gold Medal Models brass photo-etch super-detail fret for the 1:450 scale Akagi.