The model of the M.V. Galaxy is 1/300 scale and is scratch-built from various materials from plaster to balsa wood. The hull all the way up to the promenade deck, where the lifeboats are located, is made out of balsa wood and plaster. The superstructure from the pool deck and up is made out of styrene plastic. The bridge and the observation deck is made completely out of balsa. A lot of sanding was done to make the surface smooth. The lifeboats are out of balsa.

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I used model master paints for the whole ship. In regards to the windows and portholes, they were created by computer using Illustrator and printed on decal paper. The whole project took me two years, although there were a few months where I took a break. I was able to get the drawings and the deck layouts from Celebrity Cruise Line, which enabled me to build the model very accurately. Some improvisation was used when it came to building the railings. Since the real ones have glass panels to protect the passengers from the wind while they are sitting on their deck chairs, clear strips of plastic were detailed and used on the model.

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Dimitrios Chandris