I realize there are not many civil ships on the site, but I thought these photographs of the Glencoe 1:350 scale NS Savannah might be interesting. Glencoe calls it 1/350, but it calculates to 1/360. I don't know what possessed me to build this thing other than she has such beautiful lines! I looked at the old Pyro kit collecting dust on the shelf, but it was too small...at 1/500, but nicer molding! I used mainly the hull, deck, and major superstructure parts, lifeboats, propeller and scratch-built the rest. There were times when I thought....why am I doing this? But I think that with a little patience and some extra work... seasoned with a pinch of masochism, even the older kits can be made presentable! I hear tell from the grapevine that Revell is rereleasing the Savannah........most likely the same molds....Oh well....

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Dave Judy