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Photo #1

Larry Aldridge writes:

The Italeri 1:700th Graf Spee is a very flexible kit since it allows for either waterline or full hull versions. The kit is well thought out and the detail is very good with all parts fitting very well. The only thing missing is decals for the ship's flag, aircraft, bow and stern markings. In photo #1 you can see the scratch decal created for the bow Chevron. Also note the turned Clipper-Models brass barrels for the main guns and Gold Medal railings.

Photo #4 is a side view of the model in the water diorama. This is constructed of redwood painted with a blue green acrylic and covered with acrylic gel medium textured to give the appearance of a ship underway. When dry, the gel is clear and takes on the color of the blue green Acrylic. Lightly dust the top of the simulated waves with flat white and you’re done.

Photo #3 shows stern and amidships views. Note the decals on the observation aircraft and the stern flag. These were made with a unique product from Super Cal in Wheeling, Illinois. Their website address is They have come up with a method to print decals on an inkjet printer. Their process works extremely well and you can create very small, detailed decals for most any 1:700 scale model ship or aircraft.

Photo #2 shows the amidships view of the kit and more of the Gold Medal rails around the main deck, upper decks, funnel and forward battle bridge search light. The rigging is yet to be completed. I'm experimenting with ultra thin metal wire used for the windings is small electric motors. This wire is available in sizes down to 1/1000 of an inch and in various finishes. Drilling small holes in the mast for each strand and sealing in place with Tenax-7R should yield a very clean look with just the right amount of sag. More to follow on this subject later."

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Photo #2
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