This San Francisco Maritime Museum 1/48th scale model depicts USS Grampus  (SS-4), an Adder class submarine launched in 1902 at Union Iron Works in San Francisco . Displacing 107 tons and 64 feet in length, Grampus carried a 7 man crew and had a top speed of 8 knots on the surface (7 knots submerged). She could dive to 150 feet and her armament consisted of one 18” torpedo tube and 5 torpedoes.  

For more information on this and many other early US submarines, check out Through the Looking Glass: A Historic Look at Submarines. This is an outstanding web site that’s crammed with interesting photos of pre WW2 submarines. 

San Francisco Maritime Museum Model of
US Submarine Torpedo Boat SS-4

Photographed by Rob Mackie
1 September 2003

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