Big Tenn, Big T, Tenny, Tenny Maru, whichever nickname the USS Tennessee, BB-43 went by, she was a lucky ship on December 7, 1941. First and foremost, she was lucky to be moored inboard of USS West Virginia. With the Wee Vee on one side and Ford Island on the other, she was spared the torpedoes, delivered with deadly accuracy by the Kates of Japanese strike force. She received comparatively minor damage as a result of the attack.

The Hull Casting
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One of the "Big Five" (Tennessee, California, West Virginia, Maryland and Colorado), Tennessee and the others of the group, represented the pinnacle of battleship design for the United States Navy, immediately following World War One. Each of the "Big Five" had a very strong family resemblance. The graceful clipper bow, four angular turrets, twin round funnels and most of all, soaring cage masts with the characteristic "Fighting Tops", the ships were quite distinctive as a group. 

Resin, Brass, and White Metal Parts
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HMTenn3134turrets.JPG (72991 bytes) HMTenn3135bridgework.JPG (96719 bytes) HMTenn3137whitemetal.JPG (114260 bytes)

Pit-Road/Hi-Mold has previously released the West Virginia and Maryland, and Arizona is scheduled for a July 2002 release. Can California or Pennsylvania be far behind? It appears that Hi-Mold intends to cover all of the battleline at Pearl Harbor. 

Box, Photo-Etched Fret, & Decals
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This is to present photographs of the components of the kit. A build-up review will be forthcoming. The components (resin, brass, stainless steel, white metal) are of uniformly outstanding quality. This is a kit that must be built.

The Instructions
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