The HMS Delhi was one of eight D Class light cruisers laid down by the Royal Navy from December 1916 through July 1918. All served in World War Two. In 1941 she was selected for conversion into an Anti-Aircraft Cruiser CLAA. Refitted in  the United States, she landed her single purpose six-inch guns for five five-inch 38 caliber DP single mounts. She served in the Torch landings, where she had her stern blown off in an air attack. After repairs she supported landings on Sicily, Salerno, Anzio in Italy and Operation Dragoon on Southern France. While serving in the Adriatic in February 1945, Delhi was damaged by explosive motorboats. This damage was never repaired and Delhi became used for ship target trials. She was broken up in 1948.

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H-P Models has released a 1:700 scale model of HMS Delhi. Seen below are photographs of all of the components of this kit. All photographs were taken by John Currie, who is currently proudly serving aboard HMS Exeter.

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