USS Pennsylvania, BB-38, 1943
First Look at the
H-P Models Kit in 1:700 Scale

After the attack at Pearl Harbor, USS Pennsylvania was repaired and refitted. In the refit she lost her tripod mainmast but gained 8 twin 5"/38 cal DP turrets. This H-P Models kit shows her as she appeared for most of the war in the Pacific. 

The Hull
Penn2273Plan.JPG (31412 bytes) Penn2274Pro.JPG (34191 bytes) Penn2276Bow.JPG (41782 bytes) Penn2277Bow.JPG (53731 bytes)


The Superstructure
Penn2279GunDeck.JPG (51482 bytes) Penn2285Super.JPG (47033 bytes) Penn2281BridgeLevels.JPG (54803 bytes)


Armament & Fittings
Penn2280Turrets.JPG (53412 bytes) Penn2283Guns&Masts.JPG (79614 bytes) Penn2284Rafts&AATubs.JPG (49763 bytes) Penn2286Stack&AC.JPG (43001 bytes)


Flags & Instructions
Penn2282Flags.JPG (59496 bytes) Penn2287P&P.JPG (64925 bytes) Penn2289Assembly.JPG (64642 bytes) Penn2288PartsList.JPG (34687 bytes)