The HMS Repulse was laid down November 30, 1914 as an improved R Class battleship at Palmers shipyard. Within three weeks the type had been changed from battleship to a battlecruiser as new plans were drawn up. Palmers was unable to build a ship of the length of the new design and so all materials delivered to Palmers were sent to John Brown on Clydebank, who had now received the contract. Repulse was one-inch longer than sister, Renown but had 2 1/4 inches less beam.

Repulse was launched January 8, 1916 but before she could be finished, additional armor was worked into the design as  a result of battlecruiser losses at Jutland. From December 3, 1918 until January 12, 1921 Repulse was under refit. This refit greatly increased the armor protection for the ship and added torpedo bulges. She underwent another refit from 1933 to 1936, which modified the superstructure, added catapult & hanger, changed the lighter armament and further armor. Toward the end of 1941 Repulse, along with Prince of Wales, were sent to Singapore. On December 8, 1941 the pair with accompanying destroyers, set sail to intercept a Japanese invasion force. No contact was made and as the British force was returning to Singapore on December 10, both capital ships were sunk by Japanese land based bombers, twin engine Nells and Bettys.

H-P Models now produces a 1:700 kit of HMS Repulse. The photographs of John Currie show all of the components.

Hull Casting
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Smaller Resin Parts
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Box & Instructions
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