The model is an H-P Models  1/700 scale HMS Trafalgar. In the past year I bought a H-P Models HMS St. James kit from Pacific Front Hobbies  and I  decided to complete it as the HMS Trafalgar. In my opinion I believe that is one of the best kit from H-P Models. Unfortunately, the kit does not come with photo-etch. However, in order to add some details to the model, I used a Tribal class destroyer PE set from White Ensign Models. For the model painting , I used WEM colours for the hull and all the vertical surfaces (Modern RN light weatherwork gray) and green for the decks (Humbrol 88); the color of all the rafts are the same as the ship sides i.e. light gray. I have plans to use this model an similar ones to build a diorama of the British Mediterranean 7th Destroyer Squadron.

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John Rodriguez Asti