This is my model of IJN heavy cruiser Aoba from Hasegawa in 1:700 scale, that I have just finished. I’ve tried to build her 1942 configuration at MO Operation in the Solomons when it was Rear-admiral Goto’s flagship. As you can see rigging is not precisely one of my special skills but I think this model shows some improvement in my, still early career as a modeler.

AobaJal1.jpg (35165 bytes) AobaJal2.jpg (49206 bytes) AobaJal4.jpg (62063 bytes)
AobaJal3.jpg (56605 bytes) AobaJal5.jpg (45339 bytes) AobaJal7.jpg (59971 bytes) AobaJal6.jpg (41469 bytes)

I added some details made from photo-etch scrap, doors and ladders in turrets and bridge. I also used very thin wire to detail both funnels, the forward mast and the crane. Signal flags are made of tracing paper painted with watercolors. The seaplane has been detailed with propellers and antenna. I also used Aber photo-etch for the railing.

Jesús Alcocer