This is my recent work IJN HYUGA. This kit is the Hasegawa Hyuga in 1:700 scale. This kit represents the battleship as she appeared in 1941. But as you know, it does not exactly match the appearance of the ship at the outbreak of the war and so I decided to modify the kit. The modification was mainly focused on the forward superstructure. I added some photos, which show my work in processes.

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For added detail, I used Hasegawa and Joe World Ise Class photo-etch sets. Furthermore, Voyager’s photo-etch items were used for detailing of the flight deck, boat davits, watertight doors and AA guns. The appearance of kit is very nice, but some molds are shallow and omitted. So I added the molds with plastic, brass rods and some photo-etch scratch builds. In my work I highly referred Model Art and Gakken special prints of the Ise Class.

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Byoung Dae Lee
South Korea